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0-3 Month Infant Milestones

I recently found out about a wonderful class offered every Monday at Kaiser Irvine. The class is called “Thriving Into Motherhood.” It is an educational support program for new moms and their babies, from birth to one year old. Each class is $10 to attend and since it is privately run, you do not have to be a Kaiser member to attend.

I definitely wanted to check this class out! As much as I wanted to take both of my girls, they happened to be on different feeding schedules that morning, so I decided to head to the class with Chelsea (who we just fed) and give Daddy some quality time with Katelyn!

The class is for women only (and boys under 3 feet tall) which made it a very comfortable setting. There were probably 20 Mommys and their babies in the class. Nursing, diaper changes, cries, tummy time, and playing were all welcome. After seeing how the class was structured, I am definitely going to bring both my girls to the next one we attend!

Every week, a different topic is discussed and this week’s topic was “Infant Development and Milestones.” Since our girls are now 6.5 weeks old, here are some of the 0-3 milestones we discussed:

0-3 Months

1        Baby will practice bringing their fist to their mouth

2        Baby can lift their head briefly while on their tummy

3        Your baby can turn toward sounds and follow you around with their eyes (newborns see 8-12 inches)

4        Socially, you can expect your baby to smile (not just when they are passing gas!)

5        Expect to hear your baby’s voice between 2-3 months when they begin to “coo”

Our girls appear to be track for these developmental milestones and we have already hit the first 2! They do turn towards sounds and follow things with their eyes sometimes, but since they are only 1.5 months old, we will give them more time to fully accomplish this one.  

We are still waiting for that first smile… although we definitely get the daily “gas” smiles and adorable smiles in their sleep. It will be so amazing when they look up at us and smile for the first time because they want to! Hopefully in the next month or so, our girls will start to “coo” using their vowel signs.

When looking at each developmental stage, it is important to remember that they are based on an average age and every baby masters each stage when they are ready. 

If you would like more information on the “Thriving Into Motherhood” classes, you can email the facilitator, Britton Lunde at