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Baby A and Baby B Get Real Names!

We have been to three appointments since the big “gender reveal” and two girls have been confirmed each time! It was time for the next big mile stone, naming our daughters.

It is such a great feeling when you finally have names picked out for your babies. They are no longer, Baby A or Baby B…or Apple & Banana. I know which one is kicking me and I can call her out by name.

As always, I wanted to come up with a unique opportunity to announce the girls names.

That’s when I found the perfect opportunity! has adorable personalized infant and toddler onesies and t-shirts.

You can personalize them with your child’s name or family name. They even have a “Delivered” onesie that lists their name, length, weight, date of birth and time delivered. This would be such a sweet keepsake for the parents. was kind enough to send me two personalized onesies with the girls’ names on them and I had to share them!

When my husband and I were talking about girl names there were always two names we really liked, Katelyn and Chelsea, but we did not think we would have the opportunity to use both of them, at least at the same time! It worked out perfectly because we could only seem to agree on one boy name. Having two little girls was definitely meant to be!

Baby A will now be known as Katelyn Sue and Baby B will be known as Chelsea Lynn. The middle names, Sue & Lynn come from both of our families and we are very blessed to be able to use them both!

I love calling our babies by name and I think it just deepens our bond. We are so excited for Katelyn and Chelsea to make us a family of four!