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So Much to Celebrate: 2 Amazing Years!

Yesterday, Trent and I celebrated our 2 year wedding anniversary! It’s hard to believe that 2 years have gone by so quickly. I still feel like the luckiest girl in the world. It is such a blessing to be able to marry your best friend, and honestly, I could not be happier!

Since we are in our 36th week of pregnancy, our celebration was low key this year and we both had a wonderful, relaxing weekend with each other!

On Thursday, I was feeling very sore and tired, laying in bed with my snoogle. Trent came home with a dozen roses, a card, and a gift certificate for a pregnancy massage at Skinsations Spa in Tustin, which I took advantage of on Saturday! It was so wonderful!

Last night, we had dinner at Roma D’Italia, a little Italian restaurant nearby, and then we came home and celebrated with a slice of cake!

The cake was from Rockwell’s Creative Cakes in Orange, the same bakery that made our cake for our wedding day.

As part of our wedding cake package, they offer a complimentary Anniversary cake one year after you get married. Since last year was so busy, we were able to celebrate with our Anniversary cake this year!

This weekend we also decided to take a few pictures of the baby bump. We want to put a couple pictures on the wall in the baby room. Trent was an amazing photographer with his diaper box tripod!

Now, we anxiously await the arrival of our girls. Our original birth plan is to not induce and we are hoping to go into labor naturally and deliver vaginally.

It’s only a matter of time before our angels arrive and we could not be more excited!



Delivering at Kaiser Irvine

Last night we took our maternity tour at Kaiser-Irvine, the brand new hospital located minutes from Trent’s work. Kaiser Irvine opened in May 2008 and is the first brand new hospital in the area in more then a decade.

You may remember reading about our maternity tour at Kaiser-Anaheim on March 14 in an earlier post.

Before now, we were planning on delivering at Anaheim because it was the closest hospital for us, but just when things were starting to run smoothly, we have decided to move to Tustin at the end of the month. (that is another story) Now, we will be right in the middle of the Anaheim and Irvine Hospitals.

As long as there are no complications and the girls are born after 32 weeks, we will be delivering at Kaiser-Irvine. If something were to happen and I went into labor before 32 weeks, we would go to Kaiser Anaheim where they have the Level 3 NICU for babies born after 28 weeks.

Here are some pictures from the Irvine Hospital:

Kaiser Permanente – Irvine

Labor & Delivery Entrance – Located on 3rd Floor

Observation Room – Labor is evaluated to see if you are actually in true labor. If you are, you are moved to labor & delivery.

Birthing Suite – All of the Birthing Suites are private rooms. For a normal pregnancy, this is where you would labor, give birth vaginally, and recover.

Cesarean Birthing Suite – This is where you would have a c-section.

Postpartum Room – After delivery this is where mom will recover.

NICU – This is a Level 2 NICU department for babies born over 32 weeks. They care for premature and sick newborns that need extra care or treatment.

We are counting down the days now and will be entering our 3rd trimester in just over a week. (27 weeks) Time really is flying by!


POLL: Should Pregnant Women Wear a Bikini on the Beach?

Pregnant women are often told their belly is beautiful and they should embrace their bump. The question remains, is it okay to flaunt it and rock those curves wherever you are?

It was not until recently that I learned about the great bikini debate when I was reading through a baby forum on BabyCenter. I discovered that women have very different opinions on what is appropriate for a pregnant woman to wear to the beach.

Some women feel that a pregnant woman should never expose her belly and should keep it covered throughout the entire pregnancy; while others feel that their bump is beautiful and they should show it off to the world.

Living in Southern California, we are fortunate to be surrounded by sun and surf year round. When you are pregnant, what can be more relaxing then floating in a nice cool body of water on a hot summer day?

No matter what the world is going to say, it is important to wear what you are going to feel comfortable and beautiful in.

Whether you are wearing a one piece, bikini, or covered up completely,  you are still likely to get extra looks because you are sporting the beautiful baby inside of you.

I say, if you are comfortable in your skin, wear your bikini proudly and show off that beautiful pregnant belly!

Since I came across this big debate on the baby forums, I want to ask you what you think…and of course this is assuming mom is wearing plenty of sunscreen and re-lubing every couple of hours!

What type of swimsuit do you think is most acceptable for a pregnant woman to wear to the beach?

  • Either is fine, as long as SHE is comfortable in her skin (78%, 90 Votes)
  • Tankini / One Piece (15%, 17 Votes)
  • Bikini (8%, 9 Votes)
  • None. She should be covered up. (0%, 0 Votes)

Total Voters: 116
*Poll was conducted on OC Family

When you were pregnant, what did you wear to the beach?


Babies the Size of Lemons…


Depending on who you talk to, what website you visit, or what book you read, the second trimester begins anytime between 12 and 14 weeks. Today, I am exactly 14 weeks along, so I have officially reached my second trimester!

I have an app on my phone that tells me how big the babies are. Today, they are the size of lemons and by the end of the week, they will be the size of naval oranges, growing 1.5 times their size in just one week. That is pretty amazing! Imagine if we grew 1.5 times our size in a week!

It feels great to reach the second trimester. I am finally starting to get my energy back, not all of it, but definitely getting back into the groove of things! The first few months, I was plagued with extreme exhaustion, all the time. Today, I’ve got more pep in my step.

In the second trimester, most first time moms will finally have to seek out the maternity clothes. Lucky me, I’ve already been in them for weeks! (See post Dear Buttons and Zippers)

I think it is finally safe to say that I am “showing.” The average Joe on the street would not yet come up to me and ask when I was due for fear of being slapped, but my family and friends can all definitely see the belly bump.

The most exciting part about the second trimester is finding out the sex of the babies! We went back and forth on if we wanted to find out the gender when we thought we were having one baby. . . but now that there are TWO babies, it changes the whole game and we definitely want to find out the sex.

A lot of singleton moms find out the gender at their 18-20 week hospital ultrasound. This is the “mother of ultrasounds” where they force you to lay still for 60-90 minutes with a full bladder that your kids are bouncing on while they take all of the growth measurements.

With twins, we have appointments every two weeks and an ultrasound at every appointment. We have two more appointments (Jan 26 & Feb 11) before the big hospital ultrasound, so we may get lucky and find out the genders sooner then later. We are definitely keeping our fingers crossed.

One exciting website I recently found calculated the due date for multiples. Currently, my due date is July 15, but, according to the calculator, with twins, my due date would be June 24! They will be here before we know it.

Today, we had our 14 week check-up and the babies are doing great. Baby A was doing back flips when we started the ultrasound and I swear, I really have not had any caffeine. The doctor said they are so close together they could kick each other, but I’m hoping they play nice for the rest of the time they are in there.

So, raise your glass (of sparkling cider) and let’s Cheers, to a wonderful second trimester that is full of energy (and some days to be blessed with Sour Patch Kids)!