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Almost Wordless Wednesday: Big Girl Bikes

Birthday gifts arrive one day late. Daddy assembles. 

Daddy asks girls if there is anything new in the garage. Katelyn finds bike. Chelsea finds old play-dough.


Chelsea finds the bike too!


The girls are wicked excited to be on their big girl bikes! 


Time to take them for a spin! ???????????????????????????????This is where picture taking ends, since they had no idea how to use the brakes.

Goodbye, tricycles!


Baby Steps: Let’s Go For A Stroll

In 21 days, my babies will be 1 year old! I cannot even fathom that concept. I remember the first three months, when everyone used to tell me, enjoy it, time will fly by and all I wanted to do was cry. The first three months were very rough and emotional and a lot of work, and at the time, I could not wait for them to walk.

Here I am, 11 months later, with two girls who have just begun to take their first steps and I know walking is just a few steps away (pun intended). Honestly, I am in awe. These past few months have completely flown by and I realize everyone was right!

Once we hit six months, it seemed like we were hitting milestones left and right and before I knew it, my girls were already taking steps away from me. It surely is bitter sweet.

Katelyn’s First Recorded Steps:

Chelsea’s First Recorded Steps:

As always, I always get comments from everyone and their sister, when it comes to my babies on how I should feel. Some people say, “Don’t let them walk,” or “Once they walk, it’s all over,” or “Looks like you’re in trouble now.” As with all comments, I have learned to take them with a grain of salt, because I could not be more excited that the girls are on their way to walking on their own.

Up until now, going to the park, or Disneyland, or shopping, the girls have always been confined to the stroller. Call me crazy, but I do want them to get out and have the opportunity to explore and play. I could not be more excited.

Today, we are starting to take steps consistently from one spot to another around the house and it’s only a matter of time before we are walking in style. This is one milestone that is highly anticipated by many parents, and for me, it is definitely welcome.

Let’s go for a stroll!

Baby A and Baby B Get Real Names!

We have been to three appointments since the big “gender reveal” and two girls have been confirmed each time! It was time for the next big mile stone, naming our daughters.

It is such a great feeling when you finally have names picked out for your babies. They are no longer, Baby A or Baby B…or Apple & Banana. I know which one is kicking me and I can call her out by name.

As always, I wanted to come up with a unique opportunity to announce the girls names.

That’s when I found the perfect opportunity! has adorable personalized infant and toddler onesies and t-shirts.

You can personalize them with your child’s name or family name. They even have a “Delivered” onesie that lists their name, length, weight, date of birth and time delivered. This would be such a sweet keepsake for the parents. was kind enough to send me two personalized onesies with the girls’ names on them and I had to share them!

When my husband and I were talking about girl names there were always two names we really liked, Katelyn and Chelsea, but we did not think we would have the opportunity to use both of them, at least at the same time! It worked out perfectly because we could only seem to agree on one boy name. Having two little girls was definitely meant to be!

Baby A will now be known as Katelyn Sue and Baby B will be known as Chelsea Lynn. The middle names, Sue & Lynn come from both of our families and we are very blessed to be able to use them both!

I love calling our babies by name and I think it just deepens our bond. We are so excited for Katelyn and Chelsea to make us a family of four!


Ultrasound Pictures: 19 Week Anatomy Scan

At 19 weeks, we are halfway though our twin pregnancy! It seems like time is flying by and the girls little feet are still giving me butterflies.

Today, we had our hospital anatomy ultrasound. This ultrasound is routinely performed by a hospital sonographer between 18 and 22 weeks.

For most women, this may be the day that they find out the sex of the babies! Lucky for us, we have doctor appointments and ultrasounds every two weeks, so we were able to find out early! And yes, we reconfirmed today, we still have two beautiful girls in there!

The “big” ultrasound day arrived. I got to lay on a table for 45 minutes (with a full bladder) while the sonographer took measurements of both babies to make sure everything was growing appropriately. I was a little worried about the requirement of the full bladder, but I survived!

She measured and checked the face, brain, skull, neck, spine, heart, limbs, kidneys, and just about everything else in between!

Since she is not our doctor, she is not allowed to tell us anything about the scan aside from the genders, and everything else will be reviewed with our perinatologist (high risk OB/GYN) at our next appointment on Friday.

Until then, I thought I would share a few of the ultrasound pictures from today’s scan! Don’t worry if you can’t see them yet, some look like my cute little aliens. 🙂

One more note: Once they are born, we do need to have a talk with our girls about kicking, since they do enjoy kicking each other… a lot!

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Genders Revealed!

I would like to thank everyone so much for taking the time to vote yesterday on the genders and attending the “Virtual Gender Reveal Party”. The majority voted for a boy and a girl and you are only half right.

We went to our 16 week ultrasound and after spending 40 minutes looking at the beautiful babies, our doctor told us that he was 95% positive he knew the genders!

Alright, now that I am bursting at the seams.. it is time to bite into the cupcakes…

without further adieu we are having fraternal twin…