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20 Things I Did Not Know About Pregnancy

Tomorrow, I will be twenty weeks pregnant which means I am over half way in my twin pregnancy journey! There is a lot about pregnancy that I did not know before actually becoming pregnant, and now I am finding out as I go along.

Here is my Top 20 List of things I never knew about pregnancy before becoming pregnant…

1. Regardless of multiples running in your family, every woman has a 2.9% chance of conceiving twins. After you have had multiples once, your chance of having multiples again, doubles the next time you get pregnant.

2. There is a study that indicates that taking extra folic acid before you conceive may cause your body to release more than one egg. My husband and I are planners, so we were taking prenatals and extra folic acid for 6 months before we conceived.

3. The horrible acne. Sometimes I feel like puberty has hit all over again and my face, back and shoulders have been taken over by acne bumps.

4. I’ve had extreme exhaustion. Sometimes, after just being awake for 3 hours, I feel like I just ran a marathon and it’s time for a nap.

5. The frequent need to urinate. I think I should leave a book in the bathrooms since I am in there so often.

6. My belly, especially around my belly button, is growing, what I call, blonde, peach-fuzz hair.

7. Climbing four flights of stairs to get to my apartment literally leaves me breathless. Thankfully, there is an elevator which I am going to start taking advantage of.

8. I assumed I would have lower back pain, but lately, I’ve had daily, stabbing, upper back pain.

9. I feel sorry for my husband, but there is no avoiding pregnancy gas. Enough said.

10. As your belly grows, it starts to itch. I have found that keeping it moisturized does help.

11. It is common for your gums to bleed a lot more while pregnant and it is important to let your dentist know that you are pregnant, before you get in his chair.

12. Pregnant women are advised against eating deli meat unless it is steamed. This is one rule I have broken on occasion.

13. My nose is either stuffy or runny all of the time. There is no in-between.

14. I have a lot of cravings that stem from what I see or hear. A commercial or my husband telling me what he had for lunch. All of a sudden, that becomes my instant craving.

15. Severe leg cramps can wake you up from a dead sleep and send you jumping eight feet out of your bed. So far, there is not much I can do to ease the pain.

16. The snoogle (fish-hook shaped body pillow) is one of the best inventions ever made and will  give you a much better night sleep or day nap!

17. There will be times where you will cry because of a commercial, t.v. show, song, and sometimes for no reason at all.

18. Some pregnant women have the “linea negra,” a vertical line that runs down the abdomen and through the belly button.

19. The doctors used to have a difficult time drawing blood because they could never find my veins. Now, you can see blue veins everywhere, take your pick.

20. It is one thing for friends and family to rub the belly but it is very odd for strangers to come up to you and without asking, put their hands on your growing baby, but this will happen. With that said, it still feels a little awkward for anyone, other then your husband, to rub your belly.

The joys of pregnancy! It is amazing all of the wonderful things first-time expecting moms learn through the pregnancy process. Even though, I’m getting slower, my back constantly aches, and even turning over in bed is sometimes a hassle, I wouldn’t trade a minute of it. I cannot wait for my beautiful baby girls to arrive at the end of June!