1 Month. 3 Months. 7 Months. Oops!

Where have the last seven months gone? For those of you who may be wondering, I have not fallen off the planet, which is a good thing. I was really sad to see that my last blog post was not 1, not 3, but 7 months ago! It’s time to make a change and get back into one of my favorite happy places, writing – preferably in peace – but not always possible.

[Side Note] In case you were wondering about the title of my blog post, my girls’ favorite book is Blue Hat, Green Hat by Sandra Boynton. They will read the book to you cover to cover and laugh dramatically at all of the “Oops” – Silly Turkey!

Let’s catch up, shall we?

My last blog post was written on April 6 – Fit For 30 and on October 12, I turned the BIG 3-0. I have to say, I am in the best physical shape of my life, but I still need something more.

I have never been a runner, a sprinter, Yes, but never a long distance runner. I have decided to challenge myself this year and run further then I have ever imagined I would, mostly because I never wanted to. Running long distance is hard for me, because I’m not good at it, and being a highly competitive person, I have always been very intimidated by the people who could run more then 2 miles for fun, but now, I want to be one of those people too.

My Fit4Mom Irvine/Tustin (Stroller Strides) group formed a running club in mid-October, and I signed myself up. My goal through the run club is to prepare myself for the Santa Run 10K on December 14. That’s 6.2 miles (3.1 miles further then I have ever run before).

I am nervous and excited and who knows what the future will bring for me when it comes to distance running, but I am ready for the challenge and love the support of the amazing girls in run club!! So far, I have run 4 miles on my own. I’ll be honest, I carry a smile for the first 2 miles, but the last 2 miles… are not as fun.

I will say the feeling of accomplishment when you finish a distance you’ve never done before, is just pure joy and excitement, so that is the motivation to keep on going. I am guessing I will have to slow down a bit, as I am averaging an 8:00 – 8:15 minute mile, but the extreme competitive side and focus on the finish line, that I have always had with sprinting, is hard to put away, when the new goal is long distance. Stay tuned for more running stories soon!

Okay… 7 months of non-blogging has lead me to do a photo catch-up!

On April 13th, Heather & Steve tied the knot, so I flew out to Florida to spend time with Mom for a few days before driving South for the wedding celebration!


kbI began Kickboxing at 1-2 Punch Family Martial Arts & Fitness Center which was awesome and I highly recommend it! I’m still trying to find time to go back, but for now my free time at night is focused on running. I picked up my own punching bag for my garage to get a workout here and there, but I will be back to class when I have more time! So much fun!

The girls were enrolled in Kiddie Gym through the City of Tustin for 8 weeks. The class involved bubbles, parachutes, slides, gymnastic equipment, stories, songs, and other fun games and the girls really looked forward to it each week!


I had a fabulous Mother’s Day with my family. We went to Irvine Park and rented a bike for an hour. The girls loved the ride and enjoyed pointing out the ducks!

June was a big month for us! We headed to Maine for 10 days to visit family.

me me1 me2 me3me5 me4  me6me7

June was a BIG month for another reason… the girls turned 2 years old on June 24!

girls 2

… and what’s a birthday without a party? The girls invited their 15 best friends (when you have twin friends, birthday parties get big) and we had a fabulous Little Einstein themed party!


We had a lot of fun in our pool this summer.


We visited some family in Fresno, at the end of June and hung out for a family reunion!

cousins cousins1fresno
We went to our first Fourth of July parade as a family!

Trent and I participated in the ROC Race 5K – (Ridiculous Obstacle Challenge) on July 13! It was a blast!


The girls got to tour the fire station twice this summer! (Once with Stroller Strides and once with Multiple Miracle Moms of OC)

fire fire1 fire2
We got to visit more family in August when we flew to Washington for Great Grandma’s 90’th birthday!
After Washington, we drove down to Oregon to spend a few days with Ava and Grampy!
At the end of August, Christine & Mark got married in Florida, so I flew out solo for the wedding and spent some time with my mom for a few days after!

christine moppy

In September, we signed the girls up for an 8 week course through the City of Tustin, called Play & Learn School (PALS) with Ms. Hoppy. LOVE!

I celebrated my birthday with some great friends, as I said Goodbye 20’s, Hello 30’s! We met for Dinner at Yard House and saw Carlos Mencia at the Irvine Improv. My sides hurt from laughing!
We had a fun Halloween Park Day with our twin mommy group!
And we have been head over heels at the Pumpkin Patch this Fall!
The girls helped gut our pumpkins… decorated their own pumpkin with a pirate Mr. Potato Head, and Mommy did the carving on the Jack-o-lanterns!
We had family visit in October!

The girls wanted to be a Princess for Halloween!

And finally… we made it to November! The tradition of our Thankful Tree will continue!
I am thankful that I have completed this blog post and promise to be better about posting in a more timely manner!

And just because this is too cute not to share….the girls have learned a lot through Stroller Strides! Check out their awesome exercise routine!

Until next time… which I promise will not be SEVEN months from now. Oops!


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  1. That was an awesome blog!!! Great job. The girls have certainly grown and changed a lot in 7 months. And look at what you have accomplished. Keep the good work!!

  2. Whew, that was a lot of activity!

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