Family Christmas Portraits at JC Penney

Our girls are 17 months old and we have only had professional portraits done once, when they were one month old, so I decided we were long overdue! I was not sure how a photo session would go with two active toddlers, but to my surprise, it went a lot better then expected!

I decided to give JC Penney Portraits a try and scheduled our photo session online. I made sure we got the first appointment in the morning to avoid any unforeseen waiting and scheduled a 9a.m. appointment slot. This was a big key to the success of our session!

The cost was very affordable. In the month of November, sitting fees were waived which saved us $9 per person ($36). We went with the $8 holiday portrait package, which included 1 8×10, 2 5×7, 4 3.5×5, and 16 wallets. After that each additional sheet ordered was only $4!

The photographer was wonderful and worked very fast, which is definitely the only way to go!

Here are some of my favorite portraits from our session:

A big thank you to JC Penney Portraits for making our family portrait day go so smoothly! I look forward to putting some family pictures up on the walls!


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  1. All the pictures are so great – how did you ever narrow down the selection? From their beautiful, content smiles, looks like the girls were very cooperative.

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