A Year in Review: We Made It!

Eleven months ago, when people told me to cherish every moment, because it would fly by, I really did not understand what they meant. When we were running on no sleep and feeding two babies around the clock, I felt like I could not wait for them to grow.

Here I am, a mother of twin girls, who recently turned one year old, and I sit back and look at the past 12 months. “Cherish every moment,” it finally has sunk in. I cannot even believe how fast time has flown by, how fast they have grown up, and how fast our lives have changed.

Looking back at the days I sat in tears and the days I sat in joy. I remember the challenges we faced, the hurdles that we jumped and the laughter that we shared. We are completely overwhlemed with the joy that our girls bring to us each day.

Today, I look back at the last 12 months, an adventure that I will cherish forever. Here are some of our big acheivements and milestones over the last year!

Month One:

My beautiful girls arrive on June 24th
Girls have their first bath
Enjoy staring at the ceiling lights

Month Two:

Girls hold up the head and look around the room
Enjoy grabbing your fingers with their toes

Month Three:

Girls started smiling at Mommy and Daddy.
Enjoy laying on their activity mat and are very alert
Girls are now in their own cribs
First Family Road Trip to Fresno, CA

Month Four:

Girls picked up their first toy
Girls began to “coo” and laugh
First time Katelyn rolled over from tummy to back (Oct 22)

Month Five:

Girls put everything in their mouth
First time girls slept through the night
First time Chelsea rolled over from tummy to back (Nov 4)

Month Six:

Tried baby food for first time: Oatmeal
Girls found their feet and love to grab them
With a little support, they can sit up on their own
Went to Disneyland for the first time!
First plane ride – Oregon for Christmas

Month Seven

Girls roll over from back to tummy and now roll to get places
Girls held their own bottle for the first time
Chelsea’s first tooth (Feb 11)

Month Eight

Katelyn’s first tooth (Feb 27)
Girls can sit up all by themselves!
Girls drink water from a sippy cup
Girls begin the military crawl on their forearms
Girls can briefly stand up holding on to the couch

Month Nine

Girls can crawl
Girls can pull themselves up to a standing position
Begin finger foods
Girls drink water from a straw cup

Month Ten
Girls walk along the couch
Girls can climb up stairs
Girls begin to wave
Girls go their first Angels Game!

Month Eleven

Stand by themselves in the middle of a room
Girls clap their hands and blow kisses
First time swimming
First family road trip to Phoenix, AZ

Month Twelve

Girls take their first steps
Point out objects (ball, shirt, head, teddy bear, dog, airplane)
Girls love to dance


This year has been a whirlwind and I truly understand just how incredibly blessed we are. I could not imagine my family without my girls. I never understood how overwhelming happiness could bring instant tears to my eyes, until they showed up in our lives. We have survived the first year with twins and what an adventure it was! Cherish every moment, it goes by so incredibly fast.


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  1. What a very fun time remembering the girls’ first year. It has gone by way too quickly. The video of them in bed, standing and ‘talking’ to each other is my favorite. Such fun!

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