Nine Months Have Flown By!

On Saturday, the girls will be 9 months old! I cannot even believe it!

Everyone always told me to enjoy every moment because it will go by so fast. I remember thinking 6 months ago, I cannot wait for them to get bigger, and be more active, so we can enjoy more activities together, because the first couple months were extremely hard.

Now, everything is happening so fast, I am in shock! Literally, they are doing something new every single day. I am so lucky that I get to be with them each day to watch them grow, but seriously, they need to stop growing for a just little bit!

In the past month alone…

They have each cut three teeth! Two on the bottom and one on the top!

They learned to crawl. Not quite in opposite directions, more like on top of each other.

They learned to stand up by themselves!

They started to attempt solid food (non-puree). We are taking this slow because any texture makes them throw up. . . but they do have a love for Gerber Puffs!

They have graduated from the infant seat in the kitchen sink to the bath seats in the big girl bath tub!

They started interacting with each other! They wake up in the morning and talk to each other instead of scream. This is nice!

They truly are best friends and they always have each other’s back!

These past nine months have certainly flown by and it’s hard to believe I was holding two five pound babies in my arms last June. I love watching them grow, explore and interact. Being a stay-at-mom and owning my own business, may be hard at times, but the amount of satisfaction and joy they bring me every day is indescribable.



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