Milestones: Babies at Their Own Pace

Milestones are an important part of your child’s development and a huge celebration for the parents when they see their baby sit up all by themselves, or roll over for the first time.

Sometimes, parents can get caught up in milestones, and I admit that I am guilty of this offense. One important rule to remember in parenthood is not to compare your baby to other babies because all babies develop at their own pace.

While this is a good rule to follow, sometimes it is hard to remember.

Of course, every parent wants their baby to excel. You can go online and read pages of literature, blogs, or forums on when your baby should sit up or crawl or get their first tooth. If that date passes by and your baby has not reached that milestone, you can really feel discouraged.

Yes, this happens to me, a lot. I know the importance of never comparing babies, but I do attend a lot of classes, play groups, and meet-ups, and I see a multitude of babies that are the same age as mine or younger, who have hit important milestones weeks or months before my girls will.

Never compare your babies to other babies. I understand the concept, but I still get a sick feeling in my stomach when I feel like my girls are behind the curve.

They do not go to day care or have a nanny. They are with me 24 hours a day, so I feel like their ability to hit their milestones on target, falls completely on my shoulders. If they don’t crawl what they are supposed to crawl, or walk when they are supposed to walk, I must be doing something wrong.

So many thoughts race through my head as I sit in a class and watch a baby who is 8 weeks younger then my girls crawl by me. Is there something I should be doing differently? The guilt piles on.

My girls are my world and we absolutely love play time! When we are home and they are not sleeping or eating, we are almost always on the floor playing! In fact, I probably have the most content, happy babies in the world, and for that, I am truly blessed.

The girls will be eight months next Friday. They are not crawlers, although Katelyn is starting to skooch. They can sit up by themselves if you put them in that position and they are more than content sitting and playing in one spot for a while.

When they are around other babies, they turn into observers and just like to sit and watch. My girls are just extremely mellow babies and simply do not have the desire to move around from one place to the next, just yet.

I’m sure when I look back in a few years; I will be counting my blessings that I had two amazing babies who were just content and happy, simply playing in one spot.

It is hard to watch babies who are younger than yours hit their milestones weeks or months before your baby does, but I know it is important to not let that make you feel guilty. I know that is something I need to work on.


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  1. I understand your concern. Now I am the parent of two adult children and four teenage granddaughters. It is so hard to not compare, but babies
    do things when they are ready, not when “the book” says so ☺.I had to learn that with the addition of each baby to the family.

    My son, four years older than his sister, was an observer, and didn’t really learn to talk til his sister was born and started talking early…and her first sentence was “Bret do that.” I was so used to the quiet from my son, it took me a while to enjoy the high pace early talking my daughter was doing…an example of “be careful what you wish for.”.

    Try to tell yourself that your babies are unique and will thrive at their own speed…just looking at the photos one can see they are intelligent and bright.

    Thanks for sharing. Know that all mothers have been there.
    Peace and love,
    Siggi in Downeast Maine

  2. Hey, these beautiful little girls are very happy and healthy. They will hit the milestones when THEY are ready and if they are a bit behind other babies their age, it has nothing to do with what Mom or Dad are doing or not doing. It just means they are not ready or do not care right now. They are way more mellow than most babies their age and that is better than any milestone in the books. And they are just so dang cute too!

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