Workout For Mom: Sling and Dance

At least for me, after having a baby (or in my case babies), losing the baby weight is always in the back of your mind. Finding the right workout, support, energy, or even the time can be very stressful. When you do find the time, it raises the question, who will watch my baby when I am working out?

I was watching the news on KTLA a couple of weeks ago, when I came across an interesting segment that caught my attention!

A new class called Sling and Dance, a unique workout for new moms. Your baby actually becomes your workout partner, so you not only get to bond with your baby, but also find the time to get a great workout during the day!

After watching the news, I knew I had to try this class out for myself.

Sling and Dance is very new and currently there is only one location in Orange County. With increasing demand, they are expecting to expand! The class I attended was at Granola Babies in Costa Mesa and currently is offered every Thursday at 10:00 a.m. Check Granola Babies for their complete class schedule.

Here is a little preview of a Sling and Dance class:

I have to say, Sling and Dance was awesome and my baby and I had an absolute blast! It not only felt wonderful to finally workout but I felt so good about myself after the class.

Yes, you will get a good burn! Doing squats and boogying down, with an extra 17 pounds on you, will definitely do the trick! My baby loved it!

Babies love movement and it appears to be very soothing to them. All of the babies in my class enjoyed the dancing and not a single one fussed.

I am definitely looking forward to this class again.  A great workout, bonding with your baby, meeting new moms, and getting out of the house…all in all, this class was a huge hit in my book!

Although this class may not be twin friendly, since it would be very hard to dance with two babies, let the baby who is not in the sling watch the class and switch the babies half way through. There is so much going on, that even the baby who is watching, will still have a good time!

All you need to join the class are your baby and your sling or carrier. Get ready to dance, laugh and bond… I know I sure did!

For more information on Sling and Dance or to sign up for a class, you can visit their website



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