Moving on to Solids

This week we have hit another milestone with the girls! On Tuesday, they were able to taste something other than formula and sampled their first solid food!

Sampled is the key word, spit out is probably a more appropriate term! We are starting out with Gerber Oatmeal. It is a single grain cereal that you mix with formula, which is supposed to be a great starter cereal for babies.

Tuesday and Wednesday they tried the cereal for breakfast and dinner. Unfortunately, I really do not think ANY of it was actually consumed. I’m pretty sure all of it ended up on their face, arms, bibs, and hands. The girls were really more interested in eating their bibs then anything else. Each meal would lead to the girls screaming an ear piercing screech. I was beginning to wonder if they were going to be on a liquid diet for the rest of their lives.

This morning, we had a breakthrough! We tried some oatmeal for breakfast, and it was a hit! The girls actually ate a little bit of it and breakfast did not end with a screaming match! I was so proud! I know this is going to be a fun, but very messy adventure.

I recently purchased the Magic Baby Bullet and I am planning on making my own baby food. I think we are going to start out with some avocados. My husband jokes that I should grind up some chips too, so they can experience chips and dip, but I think we will have to wait until they dip the chip themselves!

Okay girls, I am ready, bring on the mess!



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  1. That’s the spirit Hollie, bring it on girls!

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