First Night Out

We did it. My husband and I had our first night out, away from the girls! We celebrated my birthday early and left the girls with their Grandma for just over 24 hours!

We met up with two of our best friends and an amazing couple, who also left their kids for a 24 hour celebration! We headed to Morongo Resort & Casino in Cabazon, CA,  for the night.

When we left the house, I was so excited. I am never alone with my husband and I could not wait to have a getaway with him!!

We arrived at the resort, and when we told them this was our first night away from our girls (twins, 3.5 months) they gladly upgraded us to a nicer room at no charge!

It was time to pack as much fun into the day as we could! So first thing to check off our list was jump into our bathing suits, grab a drink at the pool bar and sit and float around the lazy river.

We had to keep our day jam-packed! My amazing husband arranged for a spa appointment for my best friend and I, so after many laps around the river, my friend and I headed to the spa for a 50 minute Swedish massage – it was phenomenal! A massage, dip in the Jacuzzi, time in the sauna and a cool shower, and it was time to meet back up with the boys.

We met for a drink at the casino bar and headed to the room to change for an extravagant dinner on the roof. I got to wear heals and a little black dress! I broke out of my “Mommy” lounge clothes and had a chance to be me and it felt great!

The night carried on with a fabulous dinner, gambling at the black jack table, watching people dance at the night club, and finally calling it a night.

I don’t think I slept a wink that night! I missed my girls so much and was laying in bed staring at the clock. Finally at 7am, I looked at my
husband, jumped out of bed and was ready to go! We grabbed some breakfast, hit one last blackjack table, stopped at one outlet store and headed home to see my girls.

A night away with my husband was definitely needed and the girls were in amazing hands with their Grandma.

I realized how much my life has changed, and as stressed out as I get sometimes being with the twins all day, there is no place I would rather be, then home.



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