Mother of Twins: Daily Priority List

You might have thought I have disappeared for a few weeks… But we are all still here.

Caring for two newborns (alone) all day is definitely a lot of work. Motherhood is amazing and my daughters are everything to me but there are still times where I get completely overwhelmed and may break down crying from time to time.

Let’s catch up on the last few weeks!

We were very fortunate to have some of my husband’s family in town for about 2.5 weeks! The extra help was definitely appreciated!

We went on our first vacation and drove (what should have been) four hours North to spend two nights with extended family. Well… The four hour drive took us about six when you factor in feedings and diaper changes.

Big News: Our girls have started smiling! Not every time, but you can definitely get a smile out of them from time to time. Seeing the smiles on their faces makes everything stressful in my day disappear. It is just awesome!

We have made a milestone in growth. The girls will be 12 weeks old tomorrow, and although we are still in newborn diapers, we expect to move to size 1’s in the next week. We have also just moved up into 3 month onesies… they are getting so big!

Now, that family is gone and vacation is over, it’s back to reality for me which means it is just me and the girls that are home from about 6:30 am – 5:00 pm.

In order to keep a bit of sanity, my husband urged me to make a daily priority list.

  1. Care for babies (Ultimately, this is my only priority)
  2. Brush teeth (Yes, I had to add this to my list when I realized there were days I did not get to brush them until 2 pm or so)
  3. Feed Self (Although I discovered the incredible twin diet – where you take care of two newborns you simply forget to eat anything… I am trying to get better about feeding myself)
  4. Work (I work from home and need to keep the paychecks coming so this has to be towards the top of my priority list)
  5. Shower (This will immediately jump to the top of the list IF the opportunity arises)
  6. Get Fresh Air (Going out is a crazy ordeal, so most days… getting the mail counts for fresh air)
  7. House Work (Somehow, I do manage to sneak a few chores and a few loads of laundry in here and there!)
  8. Exercise (This is virtually impossible since after a workout I totally need a shower and who am I kidding, I do not have that kind of time. This can typically only be accomplished when my husband is home)

So far, things are going good and I have definitely learned to multitask!

Right now, I have one baby laying on the activity mat on the floor and I am shaking it with my toes so the rattles will make noise. I am feeding the other baby with my left hand while I type this blog on the notepad app on my iPhone with the right hand.

When you have twins, multi-tasking is the key to small victories!




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  1. Thank you for sharing…please remember to eat…important you stay healthy.
    Your babies are darling…thank you for the photos…adorable.

    Love and hugs and turn to us in blog land when you need support or just another adult “voice”.

    ☮ Siggi in Downeast Maine

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