Twins are Moving Out

When I was pregnant, we spent hours in the nursery making it look beautiful for the girls’ arrival. (See Nursery Unveiled). We would sit in the glider in their room and read them stories while they were in the womb. We could not wait for them to come home and sleep in their crib.

Since nothing goes exactly according to plan once you have babies, the girls were 6.5 weeks old and still sleeping in our bedroom. Being so small, they have both had some problems with reflux and we were just more comfortable having them a few feet away.

Now that Daddy is going back to work next week, we decided that it was time to move the girls into their own room, which is just down the hall.

Tuesday night was a big night in our household because it was going to be the first night the girls would sleep in the crib in their own room. Of course this was also one of the nights the girls were on opposite feeding schedules, meaning we were up a lot more then we could have been.

We set up our video monitor – which for us is a must have. We have the Summer Infant Slim & Securehandheld monitor and we absolutely love it! The camera is positioned on the side of the crib so we can see both girls since they are in the same crib right now. The handheld monitor is on my nightstand so I can see and hear them all through the night.

The girls have been in their nursery for two nights now. Night one, the girls were eating at different times, which means Daddy and I took turns running to the nursery to feed. I was a little stressed because the girls were not right next to me and I found myself constantly staring at the monitor throughout the night.

Night two, was a great night because both girls ate at the same time (11pm, 2am, 4:30am, 7:30am) and I was a lot more comfortable with them being in there.

It was a big day for us too, because we get our bedroom back. No more pack n play, changing table, glider, or diapers in our room. The adult feel has returned and that is also important for my husband and I to have.

Moving the girls into their own room was a big deal, and we are so thankful that the transition has been a smooth one!



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