We Are ONE Month Today!!

Dear Friends & Family,

It’s been a whole month since we have been outside of Mommy’s belly and this new world sure is a lot different!

We entered the world on Friday, June 24th. There were so many people wearing strange masks and it sure was cold and bright when we came out. They swaddled us up tight in blankets so we felt like we were back in the womb again. That was very reassuring!

We were so excited to finally meet the voices that have been talking to us for so long! We love our Mommy and Daddy so much! Grandpa & Ava Eisenman and Beth Kane also visited us in the hospital.

After 3 nights in the hospital, and a lot of nurses poking at us every couple of hours, we were very excited to head home on Monday, June 27!

A lot has happened this month. We started out at 5lbs 11oz (Katelyn) and 5lbs 6oz (Chelsea) and at our last appointment we weighed in at 6lbs 6oz and 6lbs 2oz!

Everyone tells us we look a lot alike and Mommy and Daddy think there may be a chance we may be identical twins! If that is true, it will be fun to play tricks on them when we get a little older. I guess only time will tell!

Our first day home was very busy. We kept Mommy and Daddy up a lot. Grandpa and Ava were here for over two weeks to help us settle in, keep Mommy and Daddy well fed, and help with our family naps!

Grandma (Moppy) Walker also spent a week with us this month and helped Mommy & Daddy get some extra rest! Having Grandparents visit is the best!

We have experienced a few baths but we are not sure exactly how we feel about them yet. The warm water does feel good but the initial shock is definitely a surprise!

We have been seen by our doctor three times since we have been home and although Chelsea had to be checked a few times for jaundice, everyone tells Mommy and Daddy that we are two, beautiful, healthy girls!

We have been sleeping in Mommy and Daddy’s room each night where we wake up every two to three hours to eat.

Although we sleep a lot, we are already becoming more alert and aware of our surroundings. We love to stare at the lights in the kitchen, Angels games on TV, and Mommy and Daddy of course!

This month, our favorite toy is our bouncy seat. We love the music and vibrations. It is definitely very soothing after a long day of getting new diapers (about 25 total per day), eating and sleeping!

We already feel so much love from our friends and family! We have had many visitors stop by to see us this month! (Grandpa & Ava Eisenman, Grandma (Moppy) Walker, Sean-Beth-Carson-Addison Kane, Chris Brown, Jessica Smith, Debbie Tesla, Kathy Klarich, Nichole Cherry, Jake Bengochea, Chris & Nickie Gordon)

We have been told to drink our milk so we will get big and strong and we are now drinking 2-3 ounces every 2-3 hours. We are definitely getting stronger because we can hold our head up for a few seconds already!

The new world is great and we have the best Mommy & Daddy in the world! They take such good care of us and are always there when we need them. We love to stare at them until we fall asleep in the comfort of their arms.

We will keep you posted on life as a newborn as we grow older!

Thank you to everyone who has helped out Mommy and Daddy! We love you all very much!


Katelyn & Chelsea

P.S. Stay tuned for our newborn photos! Mommy’s friend and photographer, Lindsey Garrett, of Modchik Photography, photographed us on Friday and Mommy & Daddy are very excited to share them with you! Lindsey is absolutely AMAZING!!! Expect a blog post on the photo shoot from Mommy soon! 



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