Expect the Unexpected…

In life, and in pregnancy, you should always be prepared to expect the unexpected.

I had a wonderful twin pregnancy for 37 weeks and up until the day of delivery, no real complications. We attended every prenatal class that Kaiser offered and we had our birth plan set in place. We were as prepared as we could have been before labor.

We arrived at the hospital on Friday, June 24th for our standard bi-weekly non-stress test. We had already had three appointments that week and everything was great. Since all was going so well, I was having no contractions, we were expecting my body to remain pregnant for another week or so.

My husband and I drove to the hospital in two cars, for the first time, because he was planning on going to the office for a couple of hours after the appointment. A trip to the office, was definitely not in the cards.

In our birth plan, we were planning on going through early labor at home. We had our birthing ball hanging out in the living room. We were going to head to the hospital when our contractions got closer. I was going to have the epidural and we were going to have a vaginal birth since both girls were head down. After labor, I was going to be given an hour of skin-to-skin time with both of my girls and after all of that, we were hoping the girls would latch and breast feeding would begin.

Our plan looked wonderful and amazing on paper, but our labor story started out on a different journey.

(See Holls Goes Social to read the labor and delivery story)

We were admitted to the hospital at 8:45 a.m. after our non-stress test due to dangerously low amniotic fluids. The position of the girls had changed and doctors agreed the safest method of delivery was a c-section. By 2:45 p.m. I was being prepped for surgery.

In the operating room, I was given a spinal and my body went numb from the neck down. At 3:27pm, Katelyn was born. At 3:31pm, Chelsea was born.

Chelsea was taken away to the NICU until 11pm that night, and my husband followed. I never got to see her or hold her until later that night.

At our ultrasound two days prior, they were estimating the girls to be close to 7 pounds. They were born at 5lbs 11oz and 5lbs 6oz.

Nursing has been a struggle. We’ve been having problems latching and have seen a lactation counselor three times already. In order to feed my girls, I am now pumping every 2-3 hours every day and feeding them the breast milk with a bottle.

Our birth plan may not have gone the way we anticipated, but the end result remains the same. We have our beautiful and precious girls at home with us and I can’t believe they will be 2 weeks old tomorrow! We are so incredibly blessed.



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