You Won’t Be Pregnant Forever

Yesterday, I had my 36 week check up and everything is going great. There is no cervical change and the girls have not dropped.

I asked my obstetrician what the likelihood of induction would be and he said with twins, the chances are slim since they tend to come early on their own. However, if the girls do not want to come out, he would talk induction after my 40-week due date, which is July 13!

I asked him how many weeks his furthest patient with twins got and he said 38.5, weeks but she was also scheduled for a caesarean section. He told me there was achance, since I have been doing so well,  I could be his patient who goes the most weeks with twins. I was not sure if I should cheer or cry at that comment. My mom carried me for 42 weeks, so maybe the girls will be as content in the womb as I was!

Obviously, I am ecstatic that my girls are doing so well and yes, I want to keep them in there as long as possible. The longer they are in the womb, the better, and their health is my number one priority.

With that said, the pregnancy aches, pains, and heart burn are definitely getting worse. I am getting a lot slower and exhaustion is constantly kicking in. I will say, I am very anxious to meet my girls and I am definitely getting over being pregnant!

My beloved family and friends keep telling me, “They are much easier to take care of while in the womb” which is true, but I am not looking for an easy path, I just want to hold my girls.

My husband keeps promising “You won’t be pregnant forever,” which I understand, but there are some days where I feel like I really could be!

I feel very fortunate because I have had a wonderful pregnancy with no complications so far. This pregnancy has really been a true blessing for which my husband and I have been very thankful!

A few short weeks is all we have left and as much as I would love to hold my girls, I know they will come out on their own time. I’ve made it this far and a few more weeks of pregnancy will only make me stronger. Knowing my girls are strong and healthy will get me through the pain.

Next week, I have four appointments: 37 Week Checkup, 2 Non-stress Tests, and a Hospital Ultrasound. At least the appointments are helping the weeks pass by!



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