Nonstress Testing Twice a Week

It’s hard to believe that we are now 35 weeks pregnant. I have hit the point in twin pregnancy where I not only have a doctor visit every week, but also go to the hospital twice a week for non-stress testing. I know the next few weeks could drag on, but having 3 weekly appointments to see my girls will definitely help out in the waiting process!

Non-stress tests (NST) are a painless procedure used to evaluate the girls condition. We start off with a quick ultrasound to check the positioning of the girls… and, great news, they are both still head down!!

Next, I sit in a big comfortable, reclining chair and the nurse straps three devices to my stomach. Two of them monitor each of the girl’s heart beats and movements while the third one records contractions in my uterus.

During the test, the nurse monitors the girls’ heartbeats, first while each baby is resting and again while they are moving. As you would expect, the heart rate should go up while they are kicking and moving.

I was told to eat a good breakfast to give the girls a little boost and get their feet kicking.

If the baby’s heart beats faster while she is moving, for at least 15 seconds, on two separate occasions, during a 20-minute span, the result is normal and she passes the test! A paper printout monitors every movement and is later sent to my doctor for further evaluation.

Depending on the cooperation of the babies, the test could take anywhere from 20-60 minutes. At our first visit on Monday, we were done in 20 minutes, and the nurse said the girls received their first “A”. I am so proud!

We have our next NST tomorrow morning and I’m hopeful it will go as smoothly as the first one!



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