Preparing For Babies: Car Seats Are Installed

We are now in our 35th week of pregnancy!

Full term for twins is 37 weeks. We have had no complications this far and we are hopeful that the girls will be content in their home for 38 weeks. (Then they are free to come out anytime!!!)

I am still doing really well but definitely experiencing the daily aches and pains. It is painful to get up or change positions. The multitude of stairs (in our tri level town home) are really starting to not be my friend and as much as I would love to get one of those motorized stairlift chairs, I think I can make it a few more weeks!

I have found that my happy place is either a warm bath or hot shower – pregnancy bliss – and I try to utilize each one once a day!

I can already tell the next few weeks are going to be the longest, but we are ready (as much as we can be) whenever the girls are ready!  Trent and I are such planners and I’m sure we’re in for the ride of our lives soon.. but for now, we’ll focus on the ride for the girls…

This week’s milestone – the car seats are installed!

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  1. You guys are definitely ‘over the hump’ (no pum intended). Won’t be long now. Love the look of the car seats in the car………..has the feeling of a bus! 🙂

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