I Am ONLY 34 Weeks Pregnant!

Yes, I am 34 weeks pregnant … with twins, so I am measuring about 5-6 weeks ahead of a singleton pregnancy. When you do the math, I am measuring 39-40 weeks, or full term.

In the past week, I have received a ton of weird glances (as in what is she doing out and about) and the most awkward comments from strangers.

The best comment, I received tonight from a retired police officer, (in his mid-80′s) while waiting in line to pick up dinner,

“I’ve been in the police force for 35 years and have not had to deliver a baby. I’m hoping tonight is not the night.”

I have learned that elevators are great places for strangers to throw comments your way. Last weekend in Huntington Beach, a woman looks at me and asks,

“When are you due, like tomorrow?”

In the elevator at the hospital, a man looks at me and says,

“Wow, it must be any day now!”

Every where I go, I get comments on the size of my baby bump and that I look like I must be ready to pop.

Strangers are also great to jump in and offer advice. Here is my favorite example:

I took my car to get serviced. I dropped it off at the dealership and took the service shuttle back home.

The entire way home, (thankfully only a two mile drive) the female driver noted I was pregnant and went on and on about how I should exclusively breast feed, what worked for her, and what she used to soothe her sore nipples when she fed her son. Um, thank you for the advice but very odd coming from a stranger.

I never realized how much advice a woman would receive, especially from strangers, when she is pregnant. It is like, just because you are pregnant, some people feel the need to remark on your size and look.

I have kind of grown used to the comments, but now that I am getting to the end and still have a month left, the comments that my “baby” should be here tomorrow, are starting to get annoying.

We had my 34 week check up today and everything looked great! Both girls are head down and my cervix is still completely closed up. The doctors said, I have potential to get to 38/39 weeks, which is absolutely awesome for twins!

I have approximately 3-5 more weeks left in this pregnancy and we are so excited for our girls to arrive… but right now, I just want to shout to the world,“NO, I am not due tomorrow!”



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  1. Holly you look absolutely glowing!! Those sweet baby girls seem to be pretty snuggly and content in there…they may never want to come out! Just kidding – we can’t wait!! love, Aunt Linda

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