The Nursery Unveiled!

I know you have been waiting for this, and so have we… the unveiling of the Nursery!

Trent and I moved into our new home on April 30th (when I was 29 weeks pregnant). It took a couple of weeks to get everything in the house organized and unpacked, especially since I was unable to do a whole lot without getting exhausted. My husband was (and still is!!) amazing, and he handled the majority of the moving/unpacking… he is the absolute best!!

We were both very excited to “get to the good stuff” and begin the nursery and we finally finished tonight! I am excited to show you the cutest room in the house!

We started out with a blank slate… 

After a trip to Home Depot, Trent prepped… 

…and painted the room!

Tonight… we finished the final touches and it is by far the cutest room in the house!

Of course the nursery will not be 100% complete until our girls are here! It’s only a matter of weeks now and trust me, we can not be more excited!



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  1. So adorable! You guys did a great job! Katelyn and Chelsea are so lucky. 🙂

  2. Awesomeness! Will the girls share a crib??

    • They will share a crib for the first few months. We do have the second crib, but it is in the garage.

      • When she says it is in the garage, she means that it is in a box in the garage. We do not plan to have one of them sleep in garage… 🙂

  3. Aww its perfect… I especially love the front door- so cute!!!

  4. It is beautiful. The only thing that will make it more special, is when the precious little girls are there.

  5. It’s so precious! You guys did a great job…I love the theme! And, you’re right, it will be complete when those little love bugs will be in it!

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