Angels Put a Smile on My Face!

Everyone who knows me, knows this… I love the Angels and Angel Stadium is my happy place!

(Check out my Mickey Scavenger Hunt posts from the 2010 MLB All Star Game)

Last night, we went to our last Angels game before the girls arrive!

Before this game, the Angels have definitely been struggling, scoring only one run over their last 30 innings, on their 1-6 road trip. It was time for the Angels to turn things around. I asked, and thankfully, they answered!

We were so lucky to have received awesome tickets from Smile Generation! Smile Generation is a referral service for best-in-class dentists, I’m the first person to tell you that finding a dentist is not easy, (since I am so picky) because I went through 4 dentists before finding the perfect one in So Cal!

Back on their home turf, and the first inter-league game of the season, for both teams, the Angels dominated! Ervin Santana pitched a four-hitter for his sixth career shutout! Mark Trumbo hit a 3-run homer and Alberto Callapso had 3 R.B.I’s.

Everyone had an extraordinary game and the Angels finally got out of their losing funk. It was an awesome “last live game” to attend for the season! (Don’t worry… when possible, I never miss a game from my couch!)

As if “Lighting up the Halo” isn’t the perfect ending to a perfect night, Fridays are also Big Bang Fridays at the Big A! Angels Stadium definitely has one of the best fireworks displays I’ve seen, and if you have not seen it, you need to buy tickets to a Friday night game!

With a big victory last night, we finally got our mojo back. The Angels will take on the Braves again tonight at 7:05 p.m.

Let’s Light Up the Halo!!



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  1. Awesome blog entry, mama! What a GREAT game!

  2. So did the girls enjoy the game………are you ‘grooming’ them to be Angels’ fans? 🙂

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