Make Your Own Maternity Hospital Gown

A couple weeks ago, I was busy browsing online (baby stuff of course), when I came across something I had never seen before – maternity hospital gowns.

I thought it was such a cute idea to have your own maternity gown while you are in the hospital. No more looking like a washed out sheet in all of your pictures.

However, I quickly let go of this cute idea, once I started looking at prices which ranged from $30-$99 per gown!

Hot Mama Gowns – $59 – $99
Dear Johnnies – $68 – $72
More Than Maternity– $59 – $69
Labor Looks – $60
Trendy Tummy Maternity – $37 – $56
Baby Be Mine Maternity – $30 – $60

I was talking to my mother-in-law, Patty, and told her about the cute maternity hospital gowns I saw online. She told me if I found a pattern, it would be simple to make.

I found a free hospital gown pattern on the Lazy Girl Designswebsite and sent it to Patty.  You have the option to print the pattern or have one mailed to you. Printing the pattern worked just fine.

Patty spent about 3 hours on the maternity gown and spent just over $15 in materials. She said that pattern was very easy to follow.

The maternity gown ties in the back and both shoulders have velcro (you could use snaps as well) which will come in handy for nursing (two at a time).

The pattern she chose is a butterfly glittery pattern, which I love!

I’m definitely going to be rocking my fashionable maternity gown when I am at the hospital. If it were not for her, there is no way I would have spent $30-$99 on a single gown!

A BIG thank you to Patty for putting it all together!! It’s only a matter of time before I get to debut the gown at the hospital!



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