Monitoring Your Baby’s Movement

We went to our 28 week checkup yesterday and everything looks great! Both girls are head down and we are keeping our fingers crossed that they stay that way!

On this visit, our doctor explained to us that it was time to begin monitoring the babies’ kicks using a kick count card.

One of the best ways to determine the health of your baby, before it is born, is to count the number of times the baby kicks during a period each day. A sudden decrease in the daily movement pattern may be an indication that a problem is developing.

Each baby has its own individual pattern of movement and kicks. There are times when your baby will be quiet and asleep, and times when your baby is active and kicking.

Starting with the seventh month of pregnancy (28 weeks), the doctor may advise you to keep a record of your baby’s movements each day.

Kick Count Instructions:

1.   Choose the time of day that you feel your baby is most active. Generally this will be in the evening after dinner.

2.   Lie down on your side or relax in a comfortable chair.

3.   Pay attention to the movement of your baby. You may notice a kick, a roll, stretching, or twisting. If you notice a “balling up” of tightness, this is probably not your baby moving, but may be a contraction of your uterus.

4.   Record the amount of time it takes for your baby to kick or move 10 times. The first time that you feel your baby move, check the time on the clock and write it down.

5.   Count every kick or movement until your baby has moved 10 times. When you feel the tenth movement, again, check the clock and write down the time.

6.   Record the amount of time it takes for your baby to kick or move 10 times.

If you do not feel the baby move 10 times at the end of two hours, you would be advised to call Labor & Delivery. They will administer a non-stress test at the hospital so the baby (in my case babies) can be further monitored.

Yesterday, was my first day filling out the kick count card. I was originally concerned because of where the girls are positioned, sometimes I can not distinguish which baby is doing the kicking. My doctor advised me as long as they are active and I feel 10 kicks within the alloted time then I should have no worries.

Since a twin pregnancy is considered high-risk, once I reach 32 weeks, I will be monitored in the hospital (non-stress test) twice a week until the girls are born.

Their little kicks are definitely getting stronger and you can actually see the kicks on the outside of my belly. It is an amazing feeling.

Let the kick count (down) begin!



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