Delivering at Kaiser Irvine

Last night we took our maternity tour at Kaiser-Irvine, the brand new hospital located minutes from Trent’s work. Kaiser Irvine opened in May 2008 and is the first brand new hospital in the area in more then a decade.

You may remember reading about our maternity tour at Kaiser-Anaheim on March 14 in an earlier post.

Before now, we were planning on delivering at Anaheim because it was the closest hospital for us, but just when things were starting to run smoothly, we have decided to move to Tustin at the end of the month. (that is another story) Now, we will be right in the middle of the Anaheim and Irvine Hospitals.

As long as there are no complications and the girls are born after 32 weeks, we will be delivering at Kaiser-Irvine. If something were to happen and I went into labor before 32 weeks, we would go to Kaiser Anaheim where they have the Level 3 NICU for babies born after 28 weeks.

Here are some pictures from the Irvine Hospital:

Kaiser Permanente – Irvine

Labor & Delivery Entrance – Located on 3rd Floor

Observation Room – Labor is evaluated to see if you are actually in true labor. If you are, you are moved to labor & delivery.

Birthing Suite – All of the Birthing Suites are private rooms. For a normal pregnancy, this is where you would labor, give birth vaginally, and recover.

Cesarean Birthing Suite – This is where you would have a c-section.

Postpartum Room – After delivery this is where mom will recover.

NICU – This is a Level 2 NICU department for babies born over 32 weeks. They care for premature and sick newborns that need extra care or treatment.

We are counting down the days now and will be entering our 3rd trimester in just over a week. (27 weeks) Time really is flying by!



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