Maternity Tour at Kaiser Permanente

Trent and I are members of Kaiser Permanente and our girls will most likely be delivered by Kasier Anaheim Medical Center or Kaiser Irvine Medical Center. We switched insurance coverage about 2 months before we found out I was pregnant. I cannot say enough good things about Kaiser. We have been blessed to have all wonderful experiences throughout the pregnancy so far.

Kaiser offers a lot of prenatal education classes including: Have a Healthy Pregnancy, Preterm Birth Prevention, Prepared Childbirth, Breastfeeding with Success, Baby Care Basics, Infant Safety & CPR, and Maternity Tours. The majority of their classes are free and we have signed up for all of them. The more education, the better!

Last night, we attended the Maternity Tour at Kaiser Anaheim. Upon our arrival, we were given two adorable hand-made hats for the girls to wear when they arrive.

The first ninety minutes of the course was in the audtiorium where we talked about the classes offered, birth certificate information, choosing a pediatrician and took a virtual tour of the hospital.

The virtual tour reviewed everything moms-to-be and their families will experience while at Kaiser, from labor to delivery to going home! It was really eye-opening and a relief to see the entire process so we will be as prepared as possible for the big day!

We received a handout that walks us through every step of the process including what number to call, when to go to the hospital, where to park, where to go, etc. We learned that we can handle the admission paper work 4-6 weeks before the babies are due. That means paper work and co-pay will be handled ahead of time, making it one less thing for us to worry about. It was very detailed and thorough. We were quite impressed!

I learned that the Kaiser in Anaheim, which is where we most likely be delivering, has a Level 3 NICU department, which is for babies born over 28 weeks, who will need special care. The Kaiser in Irvine has a Level 2 NICU department, for babies born over 32 weeks. With twins, I am definitely high-risk for pre-term labor, so it was very reassuring knowing that these NICU departments are there in case we need them.

One thing about Kaiser that I loved is the G.I.F.T program. GIFT stands for Giving Intimate Family Time. They stress the importance of skin-to-skin contact after the baby is born. The mother and baby are wrapped up together for 1-2 hours. There will be one nurse in the room, but there will be no interruptions. It is your time.

Following our girls birth, mom and dad are sure to be hungry. Kaiser provides one celebration meal in their room. It is a gourmet meal ordered off a special menu and served with sparkling cider!

After the lecture in the auditorium, we split up into smaller groups and took a walking tour of the Labor & Delivery unit. We got to see every room that a pregnant mom and her baby would go to, with the exception of the Operating Room. With our pregnancy being high-risk, whether we are delivering natural or having a c-section, our labor and delivery will be in the operating room.

The rooms were very nice. Even though Kaiser Anaheim is a much older building, all of the rooms were completely renovated when Kaiser Irvine was recently built. Kaiser Anaheim now has a beach feel, which I love!

After the girls are born, we move into our private recovery room. On the way to the room, there is a mural on the wall of a beautiful painting of the beach. Within the painting there is a little button. Mom (and in our case Dad too) presses the button in the center of the red and white umbrella. A Brahms Lullaby chimes spreading the happy news throughout the hospital, that a baby was just born!

The maternity tour was awesome and again, I cannot say enough good things about Kaiser. We are so glad that they are our providers and every day we are more and more excited for our girls to arrive!

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  1. Wow having a baby certainly has come a long way since Trent was born. The Kaiser facility sounds wonderful and I’m so glad you got to see everything so no surprises when you all rush in for THE time. Sounds like all the bases are covered, just waiting on the girls now!

  2. Hi there! such a helpful post! can you tell me the address for Kaiser Ananehim? is this the same as anaheim hills? or is it harbor-mcarthur? i’m trying to set up my first appointment and I live in Anaheim so a location here would be fantastic. Thanks!!!

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