Natural Delivery vs C-Section

I had my 22 week appointment this morning. With twins, I have appointments every two weeks and rotate between my OB/GYN and my perinatologist (high risk OB/GYN).

Today, the discussion of natural delivery versus cesarean section came up. We talked about some of the pros and cons and ultimately, if everything goes perfectly, it is still our decision to choose which method of delivery would be best for us.

Here are the scenarios:

If both babies are head down when it comes time to deliver, the doctors would prefer to try a natural delivery.

If the baby on the bottom (Baby A “Katelyn”) is head down but the other baby (Baby B “Chelsea”) is not head down, they could attempt a natural delivery and try to turn the other baby.  There is a chance of delivering one baby naturally and one baby by c-section.

If the baby on the bottom (Baby A “Katelyn”) is not head down, then a c-section would be the only option.

Most women hope to have a natural birth and I have always been one of those women. I do have a lot of concerns with twins, since the risks are now higher.

Some of the pros of having a c-section include being able to schedule your delivery date.The speed of a caesarean is less than an hour on the operating table. The horizontal incision does heal to be a barely-visible bikini line scar within a couple of weeks. Having a planned c-section carries a lot less anxiety then having an emergency one.

There are also a lot of cons to the cesarean, after all, it is major surgery. I will not get to hold my babies when they are born, I will be in a lot of discomfort and pain for the first few days, and my hospital stay will be longer. I also read that on average, you lose twice as much blood during a c-section as in a natural delivery and the risk of hemorrhaging increases. There is a risk of surgical damage to the abdomen, uterus, and other organs.

In the case of an “emergency” c-section, if general anesthesia is used, I may not be awake when the babies are born.

In a perfect world, assuming both babies are head down, it would be great to be able to deliver both of them naturally.

We still have a lot of time to think about whether we would prefer a planned c-section or cross our fingers and hope that a natural birth is in the blueprint for both babies.

I’m starting to get a little overwhelmed with the pros and cons. Like any mother, I just want the best, safest and easiest exit for our little girls.

On the lighter side, here are this morning’s ultrasound pictures of our beautiful baby girls!

Katelyn fist-pumping (looking forward to Jersey Shore tonight)

Chelsea hanging out and not kicking her sister (So proud!)



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