Diagnosis: Anemia – Exhaustion Defined!

Over the past month, exhaustion has really taken its toll on me. I thought you were supposed to get at least some of your energy back in the second trimester. It seemed like I had it back temporarily and then it was gone again. After all, I am carrying two babies, so I guess exhaustion was to be expected.

Tired may be an understatement. The energy used to get a glass of water from the kitchen was exhausting. I had stopped going to the gym over the past month. After being awake for just a couple hours, I became completely worn out.

After complaining several times to my mom (best nurse ever) just how tired I was, she continually told me to get my blood checked because she thought I may be anemic and needed more iron. Mom’s always do know best!

Last week, I called my doctor and explained to her that I was overly exhausted all of the time. She told me it was probably because I was carrying twins (Surprise)!

I told her that my mom was really concerned and wanted me to get my blood work checked again. She hesitated because my blood work was normal 3 months ago, and they usually re-check blood work at 28 weeks (8 weeks from now)! She did agree to re-check my blood and sent me to the lab.

My results came back the same day and sure enough my blood levels were well below normal and I was diagnosed anemic. The babies were definitely taking all of my iron and leaving me in extreme exhuastion.

The doctor told me to take Feosol, an extra dose of iron, twice daily, in addition to the iron that is already in my prenatal vitamins.

Today, is day one with the iron supplements and we’ll see if I can get my groove back!

I am so glad I did not have to be energy-less for another eight weeks! A BIG thank you to my mom for pushing me to get re-checked! She’s the best!



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  1. Whew, glad to hear that there WAS a legitimate explanation and solution to your constant exhaustion. Hope taking the extra iron helps to ‘perk’ you up. Love the polar bear picture……boy can I relate to him at times!

  2. I know how you feel!! I was put on iron pills with all three pregnancies after my 28 week labs!! You’re lucky they caught it early!!!

  3. Wow! This may sound strange but I didn’t know pregnant women could get anemia! I guess I just figured with all the extra vitamins and precautions, you ladies would be in the clear. You do have TWO hungry babies in there though, not one. I had anemia last year and it was the worst. I literally never felt good anymore. No energy at all. Feosol was a life saver! I’m glad the culprit to your exhaustion has been discovered and that you’ll be feeling better from now on. Love this blog! Keep up the fantastic work.

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