We Have Fetal Movement!

On Saturday night, my husband and I continued the birthday celebration and walked over to Angels Stadium to watch the Monster Truck Jam.

A friend and awesome blogger, Steve Bush, gave us pit passes which allowed us to see the trucks up close and personal before the big show!

Of course, one of my favorite trucks (the one pictured to the right) barely made it around the opening lap before something died, so this is the only picture we have.

Monster Truck Jam was a blast! I don’t think I really knew what to expect or exactly how loud it would be but I did notice a lot of people wearing ear plugs.

In the first five minutes, all of the trucks came out to take a lap and the noise filled the stadium.

In the midst of my excitement for monster trucks, I started feeling butterflies in my stomach, or feelings of popcorn popping. My girls were KICKING! I was feeling them kick for the first time, where else, but Monster Jam!!

I’m sure it was the noise that set them off, but I was completely overwhelmed with joy. I used Trent’s sweatshirt to cover my belly to act as their earmuffs every time a truck came out.

With the thrill of trucks jumping over cars, my girls kicking inside, and being with the love of my life, it was an incredible night!

I’m not sure if the girls are fans of monster trucks or not, but I’ll always remember their first kicks at Monster Jam!

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  1. Well, that was pretty exciting and you both will never forget when and where those first movements were felt.

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