Have You Ever Eaten Goose Liver?

Some people would call me lucky because I have won a couple contests here and there. You can read this story and tell me what you think.

I wanted to do something special for my husband’s birthday. A month ago, I saw a contest on Facebook from the Wyndham Orange County. Couples were invited to share their love story and the winner would receive a four-course Valentine’s Day His & Her dinner. The contest stated the dinner would be served February 11-14 which was perfect for Trent’s birthday. I won the contest, but ironically, I was also the only person to enter.

Here is what was supposed to be the Valentine’s Day Menu:

“Her” Veloute of Lobster with Spiced Cream and Whipped Tarragon; Scallops with Crispy Pork, Green Apples, and Periwinkles; and Rib Eye Glazed Short Rib with Consomme, Chocolate Mini Trio of Tart, Malt Mix, and Sea Salt

“His” menu will feature a “Potage” of Early Spring Vegetables with Marinated Vegetables, Herbs and Flowers; Lobster with Spinach and Onion Marmalade; and Jidori Chicken with Smashed Peas and Foie Gras Jus. Chocolate Ganache, Peanut Butter, and Marshmallow Cream dessert.”

The TerraNova restaurant is located inside the Wyndham OC. We arrived for our 6pm reservation and they were expecting us. We sat down and they handed us “The Dinner” menu.

I told them we were supposed to have the Valentine’s Day menu and they told me they did not have all the ingredients for that menu yet and would not be serving it until Sunday.

Bummer for us, but Trent and I would’ve been content with a bowl of the lobster bisque and the NY steak off of “The Dinner” menu. The waiter said he would talk to the chef. I just really wanted this date to be special.

After about 40 minutes of sitting at our table with our drinks, the waiter finally comes back and tells us not to order, the chef is going to prepare a special meal for us. I thought that was awesome.

Here was our 7-course dinner:

  • Wild Mushroom Consomme
    • Trent almost died from too much pepper

Trent was introduced to a very robust wine. It was supposed to go great with what was yet to come.

  • Foie Gras (um, another word for Goose Liver)
    • Yah, we were told that it was goose liver AFTER we ate this…
  • Halibut over Crab Risotto
    • Pretty yummy

Next we were told:

“We’re not going into meat quite yet, we’re going into fowl as in game.”

By this time, 90 minutes have passed, and we knew we were going to miss our 8p.m. movie. We continued on with a lot more sitting and waiting.

During this time, the couple behind us (who had sat down, ate, and left, while we were sitting there) paid the check and left the restaurant. Five minutes after this, the waiter brings them two more martinis. Hmmm. Then he brings them back to the kitchen so they don’t go to waste.

Dinner continues:

  • Quail on top of Quinoa with Blood Oranges
    • Yah.. not so much
  • NY Steak over Creamed Spinach with Fingerling Potatoes
    • Jackpot! This is what I wanted 2 hours ago

At 8:30 p.m., the waiter said next up was our palette cleanser. Palette Cleanser? Does this mean we have to start over??

  • French Brie with Honey & Cinnamon and Almond roasted Pecans
    • Trent did not like it, I cannot eat soft cheese (pregnant)

We sat around for another 30 minutes waiting. Our waiter seemed to have disappeared. We think he may have drank the two martinis from the table behind us.

  • “Warm” Cake with butterscotch cream and pink champagne sherbet
    • Cake was not warm, butterscotch cream yummy, sherbet had champagne (pregnant)

At 9:15, we finally left the restaurant. We were exhausted and we missed our movie. It was not exactly the romantic dinner for two I had in plan, but thankfully my husband loves me and was very entertained.

This morning, I woke up with a little stomach ache. When Trent and I got married, I promised him a lifetime of entertainment. I don’t think he’ll be forgetting his birthday dinner that included goose liver anytime soon!

Today, we are moving on to see the Monster Trucks!

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  1. Thank heaven’s you didn’t have to pay for it! It will be a night you will laugh about in the years ahead of you.

  2. Hey, you know what they say, ‘it’s the thought’ that counts. I think it was a pretty entertaining evening…….at least I was very entertained reading about it! Another fun blog entry Hollie!

  3. Grandma Rose says: ‘yuk’ to the menu. ‘Were you very sick the next day, I hope not!’. ‘It was bad enough just looking at the pictures, let alone eating it.’ ‘You have to have a normal tummy to eat that stuff!’ ‘I bet the twins said, get this outta here!’. Just joking? Happy Birthday Trent~!

    Love, Gramdna Rose

  4. In N Out is a sure bet!

  5. Well…atleast you guys got a lot of QUALITY time TOGETHER…something you will NOT be getting in the near future. But, ha ha ha, sounds like a good memory that you’ll be cracking up with!!!

  6. Duck liver…nice! That is a long dinner to not have planned for it…Trent must have been pacing himself if he was having cocktails!

    love ya!

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