The Belly Line Arrives!

As many changes that are happening on the inside of my body, I keep noticing different things happening on the outside of my body too. One thing I’ve noticed is a very faint line running through the center of my belly.

I did some research to make sure that this happened to other pregnant women and not just me. After all, I did have a 2.9% chance of having twins, so I do seem to beat the odds of “normal.”

The line is called linea negra and is caused by additional hormones in your body. With two girls in there, I’m guessing I have a lot of extra hormones!

Having twins, I know my belly is going to be “the size of a house,” and I’m already trying to think ahead to prevent stretch marks.

In doing some research on stretch marks, I found out that you are more likely to get them if you are carrying multiples or gain a lot of weight rapidly. My body has definitely gone through a lot of changes and is carrying a lot more weight then it is used too!

I know that there may be no prevention in getting stretch marks, but I am trying to keep my belly as moisturized as possible.

Shelby, a great friend and blogger for Glitterful Felt Stories, sent me some Vital Earth Traditions Herbal Beauty Belly Butter and Herbal Beauty Belly Oil. I absolutely love these two products.  The product seems to have a second added benefit. Since I’ve become pregnant, I’ve been battling acne, and using these herbal products the acne seems to be going away. It is a double bonus!

This Friday, I will be 18 weeks along and with twins, we are getting close to the halfway point of pregnancy! I still have not felt my little ones move yet, (at least I thought I did once, but not sure if it was gas?) but I know I should be feeling them any day now! I can’t wait!!



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  1. This is just lovely & I am so pleased you like your things! Congratulations on your twins & your belly is GORGEOUS!
    Cheers, Kelly Lynch Ring

  2. Thank you Kelly! I absolutely LOVE your products!

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