Overcoming the Baby Bottle Wall

Evenings in our home have definitely changed. We used to spend them watching television, playing poker, or rocking out on the Wii. Now, we are spending hours browsing baby product websites, reading consumer reports, asking advice, and comparing prices.

We have been into a few baby stores to get some ideas. We walked in with complete excitement and walked out completely overwhelmed. I had no idea how many kinds of bottles and nipples, how many different types of diapers, or how many types of strollers and car seats there were!

Today, let’s stick with just one topic, the overwhelming feeling of shopping for baby bottles.

Bottles: Wow, I never knew there could be a department store wall dedicated entirely to bottles and nipples.  I learned that baby bottles come in glass, plastic and bottles with disposable liners. They also come in different shapes, sizes, and angles. Some bottles reduce colic, some reduce gas, and some are eco-friendly.


Nipples: Nipples come in silicon and latex, have various flow rates, come in different widths, some nipples may be better if you are breastfeeding, and different nipples are suitable for different ages.

While I thought looking at baby stores would be fun, I realized when I walked in and immediately got stuck starting at the baby bottle wall with my jaw dropped. I knew I had plenty of research to do.

I have heard a lot of varying opinions on what is the “best” bottle for your baby and I’ve also heard that it may be a trial and error process. Different babies prefer different bottles.

Right now, I think I am leaning towards the Playtex Drop-Ins System. It seems to be completely different from every other bottle I’ve researched. A disposable liner is placed inside the bottle to hold the breast milk or formula.

The big advantage here is since the milk is in the liner; I will not spend hours washing and sterilizing bottles. I could imagine with twins, we could definitely go through a lot of bottles.

Another advantage with the drop-ins is you are able to squeeze the air out of the bag before the feeding. This helps to eliminate the baby swallowing air. The bottles also claim to reduce colic.

I think it is safe to say that my husband and I are definitely “planners.” I know we can do our research, and try to be as prepared as we can be for the twins’ arrival, but we will definitely have our speed bumps and a lot of learning as we go!



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