Goodbye Wedding Ring… Hello Substitute

What did you do when you found out that you could no longer wear your wedding ring?

Swelling is a common occurrence in pregnancy that affects a majority of pregnant women. It typically becomes a problem in the second to third trimester. Naturally, it happened to me, a lot earlier than most.

I was really upset the day I woke up with an extremely sore and swollen ring finger. When I took my rings off, my finger was bright red and stayed that way for over a week.

I had to face the fact that for the next several months, I would not be able to wear my wedding band or engagement ring. If I would have left it on for much longer and it got stuck, there is a chance they would have had to cut it off, and that would’ve been painful.

Although, I was forced to take the rings off my finger, I knew I had a few options so I went online to see what other women did in the same situation.

Some women will wear their ring as a charm on their necklace. I thought about this, but honestly, it scared me. I’ve had one too many chains break in my life and I would be absolutely devastated if anything happened to my rings.

Other women are fine not wearing their rings at all. I definitely do not fall in this category. My hand would just feel too naked.

And some women purchase a substitute ring that is significantly cheaper and can be worn throughout pregnancy (and future pregnancies). This was the avenue I chose.

Although, my finger is not naked, I still miss my wedding rings but I am glad that I did salvage my finger and do still have a substitute ring on my finger.



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  1. Your poor finger. I remember those days and love your substitute! Take care Momma.

    • Thanks Kathleen! I cannot believe how early my finger was swollen. It literally happened overnight. I woke up one morning and my finger looked like the second picture. It stayed that way for a week! It was a temporary goodbye wedding rings from that day on.

  2. future pregancies?
    I’m there for you, no matter what fits or doesn’t fit. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Take care of yourself, the little ones, and #2.

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