What are your baby nicknames?

Today, we are officially 15 weeks along! I’ve been asked by a few people if we have any nicknames for our babies. Nicknames are an important way to bond with the baby or in our case babies, and it is also better then calling the baby “it.”

Often, when people don’t know the gender of their baby, they come up with a cute nickname.

My sister-in-law, Danica, came up with the twins’ nicknames over Christmas break and the names just stuck. Baby A is Apple and Baby B is Banana. They are the apple (and banana) of our eye!

I was reading on About.com, the 10 Most Popular Fetal Nicknames and these were too good not share with you!

  1. Cletus the Fetus
  2. Bean (and variations jelly bean and baby bean)
  3. Spawn
  4. Thumper
  5. Peanut
  6. Bump
  7. Spud
  8. Baby
  9. Octopus
  10. Junior

I am not one to judge because our babies are named after fruit, but I thought cletus the fetus and octopus were a little odd to be in the top 10.

Did you have any nicknames for your babies before they were born?



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  1. Very cute. I’m with you, octopus? Doesn’t sound very endearing.

  2. “this one” and “that one”!!

    We originally referred to the baby was “my wombmate” … until we found out at 14-15 weeks that it was plural!

  3. The nickname for my son, before we found out he was my son… was BBQ. We knew we wanted to name our child a “Q” name, and the word Baby has two distinct “B” sounds… so Baby Q, or BBQ.

  4. Wombmates.. that is so cute!

  5. A friend of mine’s baby has been dubbed “Smudge” since she looked like a smudge in the first ultrasound. Excited to hear what her actual name is when she’s born next month!

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