Building the Baby Bump

At least for me, never being pregnant before, it always seemed like pregnant women went from their normal size to their cute pregnancy belly overnight. No one ever talks about the weeks of what I refer to as the lumpy stage.

The lumpy stage is the stage between your regular size and getting your recognizable baby bump. It’s the weeks where people who don’t know you, would not think you are pregnant but just think you have a gut or a few extra pounds.

I don’t like to admit it, but the lumpy stage makes me extremely self-conscious at times. When I am at the gym, walking on the treadmill, I just want to tape a piece of paper to my stomach that says, “It’s not a gut, I’m pregnant…with twins.”  I’m sure it is the hormones that are kicking in.

I’m not afraid of gaining the weight, and with twins, I know it’s definitely going to happen, but I am afraid of gaining
too much weight. It seems like every time I mention that I’m having twins, someone in the room says, “Wow, you’re going to be as big as a HOUSE!!”

When you are in the lumpy stage, your jeans are too tight, extremely uncomfortable and probably do not zip or button anymore. (See Dear Buttons & Zippers) When you walk into a maternity store, they may give you the double look and ask if you are buying a gift for someone because you don’t look pregnant. I’ve tried on pregnancy pants in a store and the clerk actually said to me, “You’re not pregnant are you?” The lumpy stage can be an awkward stage.

In my first trimester, I gained twice the amount of weight that I was supposed to, according to text books, which recommend a woman carrying twins only gain 4-6 pounds. On one hand, I did have the luxury of avoiding morning sickness completely, so I was able to eat. It was also increasingly hard for me to exercise because I was hit with extreme exhaustion constantly.

Being pregnant with twins is a complete blessing and my husband and I could not be more excited. I know I need to gain between 37 and 54 pounds through the course of my pregnancy and have been trying to eat the right food and exercise at least a few times per week.

Weight gain with twins is especially important because there is a higher risk for preterm labor and low-birth rate. I learned that early weight gain is vital for the development of the placenta. Knowing all of this, makes me feel relieved, but I did panick when I found out I gained twice the amount of weight that I was supposed to in my first trimester.

Now that I have entered my second trimester, I am very excited and anxious for the recognizable baby bump to magically appear, and ready for the dramatic weight gain to begin. Bring on the bump!



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