Babies the Size of Lemons…


Depending on who you talk to, what website you visit, or what book you read, the second trimester begins anytime between 12 and 14 weeks. Today, I am exactly 14 weeks along, so I have officially reached my second trimester!

I have an app on my phone that tells me how big the babies are. Today, they are the size of lemons and by the end of the week, they will be the size of naval oranges, growing 1.5 times their size in just one week. That is pretty amazing! Imagine if we grew 1.5 times our size in a week!

It feels great to reach the second trimester. I am finally starting to get my energy back, not all of it, but definitely getting back into the groove of things! The first few months, I was plagued with extreme exhaustion, all the time. Today, I’ve got more pep in my step.

In the second trimester, most first time moms will finally have to seek out the maternity clothes. Lucky me, I’ve already been in them for weeks! (See post Dear Buttons and Zippers)

I think it is finally safe to say that I am “showing.” The average Joe on the street would not yet come up to me and ask when I was due for fear of being slapped, but my family and friends can all definitely see the belly bump.

The most exciting part about the second trimester is finding out the sex of the babies! We went back and forth on if we wanted to find out the gender when we thought we were having one baby. . . but now that there are TWO babies, it changes the whole game and we definitely want to find out the sex.

A lot of singleton moms find out the gender at their 18-20 week hospital ultrasound. This is the “mother of ultrasounds” where they force you to lay still for 60-90 minutes with a full bladder that your kids are bouncing on while they take all of the growth measurements.

With twins, we have appointments every two weeks and an ultrasound at every appointment. We have two more appointments (Jan 26 & Feb 11) before the big hospital ultrasound, so we may get lucky and find out the genders sooner then later. We are definitely keeping our fingers crossed.

One exciting website I recently found calculated the due date for multiples. Currently, my due date is July 15, but, according to the calculator, with twins, my due date would be June 24! They will be here before we know it.

Today, we had our 14 week check-up and the babies are doing great. Baby A was doing back flips when we started the ultrasound and I swear, I really have not had any caffeine. The doctor said they are so close together they could kick each other, but I’m hoping they play nice for the rest of the time they are in there.

So, raise your glass (of sparkling cider) and let’s Cheers, to a wonderful second trimester that is full of energy (and some days to be blessed with Sour Patch Kids)!



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  1. Awe Holls! Can’t believe this time is flying by so quickly! I think it’s a great idea to find out the sex of the baby (in your case…babies) because it helps to bond with them before they are born. At least that’s how I felt having had 2 very difficult pregnancies. Looking forward to your next blog!

    Auntie Deb-Deb 🙂

  2. Oh how I forgot about the full bladder ultrasounds…
    I loved knowing the sex of our babies before only because if it was a girl I wanted to make sure and make her room as pink and girly as possible (which I did with!)

  3. As soon as I could I found out my baby’s gender. I wanted to know so that I could start referring to him as my son, as opposed to it or just BBQ (I loves me some pronouns). I preferred a girl, but that preference flew out the window when I heard “Boy!” The ultrasound wasn’t too bad, my bladder was so full that they let me empty it beforehand with a warning to “try to keep a little in there, if you can…” As we watched the screen we could actually see the bladder filling up again… (I drank a lot of water!)

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