Dear Buttons and Zippers,

We have had some amazing years together. We’ve rocked the clubs, danced some numbers, traveled the country, had some laughs and some tears. You have always been there for me… that is until now.

I thought we’d always be friends but when I tried to put you on, you pinched, you squeezed, you fought. You made me almost throw up. It really was not a fair fight.

I’m sorry to do this, but you will be going away for a little while. I just can’t take the pressure you have been putting on me lately.

I’m going to have to put you in storage. Please know this is only temporary and I hope to reunite again this year.





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  1. No! Don’t let the jeans go yet! Take a hair band (you know.. a ponytail band) and loop it through the buttonhole on one side. Zip ’em up, if you can, and loop the other end around the button. I recommend getting a Belly Band or take a stretchy lycra band or a short little hot mini skirt made from similar material, and wear it around your waist, down across your tummy from waist to crotch. It’s “in” to have layered clothes, especially something long and tight underneath (holding you all in!). The band will hide the gaping wide hole left open by your lack of zipper.

    Best of both worlds… jeans that make your ass look hot, yet accommodates the “fruit basket” you have going on!

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