Check-ups, Check-ups, and more Check-ups

UPDATE: 1/11/2010

Our preliminary test results for both down syndrome and trisomy 18 came back negative! Here are our risk factors, per baby:

Down Syndrome:  1 in 2,400

Trisomy 18:  1 in 93,000

We will have our final blood draw on January 28 for our final risk factors, which will also test the risk factors for spina bifida.


I quickly learned that when you have twins, you also have double the appointments. I go to the doctor every two weeks. (at least) I’m thinking about renting a room there.

This week I had my Nuchal Translucency Screening test at 12 weeks, 5 days. The NT test uses an ultrasound to measure the clear space in tissue in the back of the baby’s neck. The doctors take the findings from the NT screen combined with blood work to determine my risk factor for Down Syndrome and other chromosomal abnormalities.

If the NT screening tests come back showing that we have a higher risk of abnormalities, they offer more invasive testing including CVS and amniocentesis. There is a slight risk of miscarriage with these tests.

We debated on taking the non-invasive NT Scan at all, because the outcome would only prepare us, but not affect the amount of love we will have for our beautiful children. No matter what, we have opted not to take the invasive tests anyway.

I will get my results to the blood work and NT Scan on Tuesday.

The best part about having twins and twice the appointments is, I get to see my babies a lot more, as I have an ultrasound at almost every appointment! They are growing so fast.

Below is my ultrasound at 12 weeks, 5 days. They look like little people now! I love how “Baby B” (photo on bottom) is waving to us.



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  1. I don’t think that B was waving, he was trying to give his dad a “high 5″…

  2. Holly what perfect photos. Keep’em coming. Take care of the three of you.

  3. Glad to hear that all is going well and we’re with you, we already love them no matter what!

  4. Please keep sharing! Everything is so different with tests and so on from when I was pregnant!

  5. I am so happy for you guys! You two are going to be amazing parents!! I love you guys!!!

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