Birthday Celebration

Without a doubt, I have the most thoughtful husband in the world. My birthday is coming up on Tuesday, October 12 and October 13 is our 3-year anniversary of finding each other. Yesterday, my husband had written on our online calendar:



Dress for being outdoors. Sunglasses, sunscreen, flops, beach towel. Oh and don’t forget your sense of adventure.


I LOVE being on the water. It is calming and relaxing to me. Yesterday, for my birthday surprise, Trent drove me to Newport Beach where he had already rented a duffy boat for just the two of us.

Together, we cruised around the bay for two hours, pointing out the houses we were going to buy, the amazing yachts, the sea lions basking in the sun, the dozens of sailboats sailing by, shared a delicious lunch, and took pictures of other people’s weddings on the water. For mid-october, it was a beautiful day with 80-degree weather.  Everything was perfect.

After the cruise, we drove over to the Block of Orange and watched a movie I have been waiting to see, The Social Network. Awesome movie by the way! So far, everything was wonderful, but the day was not over yet.

For dinner, Trent took me to Mastro’s Steakhouse in Costa Mesa where we enjoyed a 4-course dinner. I still am having trouble moving after eating there! We sat at a romantic candle lit table for over two hours, enjoying each other’s company.

It was the perfect ending to a perfect day. My husband is the greatest – Thank you for all you do!

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  1. Sounds like Trent did it again and gave you a very special day. He certainly is very thoughtful and creative!

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