Taking the Plunge…

I have kicked off my size 5 corporate shoes and slipped into my size 8.5 flip flops. I have ventured out onto my own to start my own business. I’ve never looked back but the butterflies are always fluttering. No pun intended since the name of  my business is Social Media Butterfly.

I have taken on the battle of fear versus self. As a human, you are always going to be afraid of failure. It is easy to get up every day, run your routine, go to work, collect a paycheck and benefits, even if that means feeling trapped. Taking a leap of faith, doing what you believe will make you successful and happy, is terrifying. What will others think of you and your ideas?

I’ve always worked in a corporate setting and I’ve always felt like a caged bird with clipped wings. A couple weeks ago, the cage door opened. I poked my head out, looked around, spread my wings, closed my eyes and hoped for the best. To my surprise, I found myself soaring around my new office, the apartment, cabanas, game room, porch, and bedroom. I finally found the confidence I was missing and the dedication to pursue my passion.

It is scary to leave a secure job and venture out on your own. Not everyone can thrive in the corporate world. Every day, millions of people go to work with a sick feeling in their stomach. As much as they want to leave their situation behind and start something new, how do you justify leaving your paycheck and benefits at the door, especially when you have others who depend on you. It is like bungee jumping off a cliff and hoping that your bungee is going to snap back. If it does, you could experience the ride of your life.

I believe you can thrive if you find something that you are 110% passionate about, something you believe in, something you are connected too. I found my niche. I am already working my tail off and putting in 10+ hours a day, staring at my computer until I am blue in the face, marketing myself and company to others, and not making a ton of money just yet. 

I am following my heart and doing something I love. I couldn’t be happier.



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  1. Congrats on joining the world of entrepreneurs! Good luck! 🙂

  2. I could not be any more proud! Can hardly wait to join you at Social Media Butterfly. When you’re ready… I’m yours! My bungee cord is ready to go. 🙂

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