All-Star Voting…in English

The 81st Major League All-Star Game between the American and National League will take place in Anaheim on July 13, 2010. After weeks of campaigning, fans were able to vote online for their favorite players. This year, over 220 million votes were cast online.

There is quite a system for determining how players make it to the All-Star Game. Fans can vote either online or through a paper ballot system which is distributed throughout the MLB stadiums early in the season. They can cast up to 25 ballots and vote for one person in each field position for both National and American League, excluding pitchers.

Baseball fans will vote 8 starting players into the All-Star Game for the National League and 9 starting players into American League. The ninth player that is voted into the American League by the fans is the designated hitter. Fan voting is often criticized because most of the starting players come from teams with large followings, like the Yankees or Red Sox.

There are sixteen athletes that are voted into the MLB All-Star game through player voting which includes players, coaches and managers. This includes 8 pitchers (5 starters, 3 relievers) and one back-up player for each position that was voted in by the fans.

Nine players make it into the All-Star Game through manager selection. Both the American and National Leagues will have a consultation to complete their rosters to 33 players. The National League manager will also select their team’s designated hitter. The leagues make sure that every team is represented by at least one player.

Today, on our nation’s birthday, the MLB All-Star team rosters were unveiled at 12 Noon. Beginning this year, each team roster will carry 34 All-Stars, but only 33 were revealed. Fans will have the opportunity to participate in the Final Vote, where they choose one All-Star from a list of five players from each league. The final player for each roster will be announced on July 10.

A complete list of the All Star lineup can be found on the MLB website.

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