Hollie Eisenman!

After 21 years, Angels Stadium of Anaheim will once again host the Major League Baseball All Star Game! All Star Week runs July 9-13 and to celebrate the festivities, the City of Anaheim announced on June 2nd, that Major League Baseball and Disney Consumer Products, would begin populating key locations in Southern California, with thirty-six 7.5 foot, 989 pound, unique All-Star Mickey Mouse statues.

On June 11, MLB and Disney Consumer Products launched a Find Mickey Scavenger Hunt. Fans were encouraged to visit the statues and would have the opportunity to be rewarded for it! They announced that 37 prizes would be awarded. The first eligible participant to tweet a photo of themselves with one of the Mickey Mouse statues would win a 7.5 inch replica version of that statue. The first participant to tweet a link to a photo gallery of themselves in front of all 36 states will win the grand prize, two tickets to the MLB All-Star Game on July 13!

It did not take long for the news to go viral, and MLB released a list of the statue locations. Statues were as far South as Laguna Beach, as far North as Santa Monica and as far East as Rancho Cucamonga. With the All-Star festivities taking place in Southern California, home of Disneyland, what better iconic figure to bring fans together than Mickey Mouse!

To enter the contest, participants were asked to first fill out a form on the MLB website and then submit their photo or gallery via twitter using the hashtag, #allstarmickey.

On June 6th, I set off on a mission, to find all of the All Star Mickey Mouse statues. It was an amazing journey that took me 6 days, 650 miles, over 22 hours, and 3 tanks of gas. I was fortunate to see many parts of Southern California that I may not have seen before. I was challenged to drive in traffic that I never would’ve chosen to drive in before. I set a goal, and I accomplished it.

On June 11th, when the contest opened, I was the first person to tweet a link of my photo gallery to MLB. My heart was pounding and I was not only extremely excited, but a major sense of accomplishment set in because I did this mission all by myself. I felt on top of the world!

On June 25, I received an email from Major League Baseball stating that I had 24 hours to fax in a notarized affidavit. I saw this email come across on my iPhone when I was in the middle of a campground in Pismo Beach for our family reuninon. I jumped out of my chair, grabbed my husband, spun in a circle and screamed, “Woohoo, Let’s go!”

We drove into town and came across Office Max. They were unable to pull the PDF from my email and could not print the document I needed. Time was not on our side, so we decided to head to a Holiday Inn Express so I could print the document myself. The computer did not have the Adobe program on it so I had to wait for 15 minutes while I downloaded the Reader. Finally, my documents were printed.

Next, I needed to find a notary. I was going to head to Bank of America but found out they do not notarize documents that are not insured by the bank. Finally, after several phone calls, I found a notary that was in town but was leaving in ten minutes. I got there just in time. After my documents were notarized, and $20 later, everything was faxed back to New York.

The next day, I received a phone call from Major League Baseball, that I was officially the Grand Prize Winner! All of my hard work has paid off! I will have the best 1st year anniversary present for my husband! We are both baseball fans and we LOVE the Angels! July 13th is a day we are both looking forward too!

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