“If you can dream it, you can do it.”~Walt Disney



Today, I completed my mission and found the last of the Mickey Mouse statues that have been placed around Southern California for the 2010 All Star Game, which is coming to Anaheim in July.

I have explored Southern California and have seen so many great areas that I may have never seen before. As you know, my husband has been out of town on business from Friday, June 4th and he will be back tomorrow. I  have never really ventured to far on my own. I have not been in California very long and I don’t even take a highway to go to work. This experience was amazing. I have learned so much about the area and I actually know geographically where surrounding cities are located.

I accomplished my goal today and words cannot describe how amazing I feel right now! All on my own, I did it.

I grew up watching baseball and I played softball for many years. I could sit and watch baseball all day, every day. There is just something about this sport that I love everything about.

When I saw on the City of Anaheim Facebook page that there was going to be a contest for a chance at All Star Game tickets, I knew I was in. This Saturday is me and Trent’s first wedding anniversary and he will finally be home tomorrow. I cannot think of a better gift to give him than tickets to the All Star Game. I’ve heard so many times, people say, It’s the thought that counts…and over the last 6 days, I’ve had a lot of time to think!

Today, I found my last four Mickey Mouse Statues, Tampa Bay, Toronto, San Francisco, and Baltimore. The feeling of accomplishment and joy was overwhelming. I’m sure the cars next to me at traffic lights thought I was crazy because I was singing Dancing Queen from my Mama Mia soundtrack at the top of my lungs the whole way home!

I will always be inspired by Walt Disney who said,

“If you can dream it, you can do it!”

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My List is Complete…

  1. All-Star Game Mickey- Anaheim City Hall
  2. All-Star Game Mickey- Anaheim Convention Center
  3. American League Mickey – Hilton Anaheim
  4. National League Mickey – Anaheim Marriott
  5. Minnesota Twins Mickey- Anaheim GardenWalk
  6. Anaheim Angels Mickey- Angel Stadium
  7. Atlanta Braves Mickey- Disney Esplanade
  8. Florida Marlins Mickey- Downtown Disney – ESPN Zone
  9. Oakland Athletics Mickey – Muzeo
  10. San Diego Padres Mickey – South Coast Plaza
  11. Detroit Tigers Mickey – Crown Plaza Anaheim
  12. New York Mets Mickey – Irvine Spectrum Center
  13. Colorado Rockies Mickey – The Market Place
  14. Boston Red Sox Mickey – Discovery Science Center
  15. Arizona Diamondbacks Mickey – The District at Tustin Legacy
  16. Chicago Cubs Mickey – Orange County Zoo
  17. Milwaukee Brewers Mickey – The Strand in HB
  18. Houston Astros Mickey – Long Beach Towne Center
  19. New York Yankees Mickey – ESPN Zone at L.A. Live
  20. Los Angeles Dodgers Mickey – The Music Center
  21. Chicago White Sox Mickey – Holiday Inn – Santa Monica
  22. Kansas City Royals Mickey – El Capitan Theatre
  23. Cincinnati Reds Mickey – Holiday Inn Express – Walk of Fame
  24. Cleveland Indians Mickey – Industry Rag
  25. Seattle Mariners Mickey – Kodak Theatre
  26. Philadelphia Phillies Mickey – Hollywood & Highland Center
  27. Pittsburgh Pirates Mickey – Union Station
  28. All Star Game Mickey – The Grove of Anaheim
  29. St. Louis Cardinals Mickey – Downtown Disney
  30. All Star Game Mickey – Disney Esplanade
  31. Washington Nationals Mickey – Victoria Gardens
  32. Texas Rangers Mickey – The Village at Orange
  33. Tampa Bay Devil Rays Mickey – Laguna Art Museum
  34. San Francisco Giants Mickey – Fashion Island
  35. Baltimore Orioles Mickey – Newport Sports Museum
  36. Toronto Blue Jays – OC Performing Arts Center

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  1. Hey Holls, way to go. What an exciting adventure you’ve been on. Next time I’m down, I’ll expect a grand tour of all the new areas you’ve discovered!

  2. Cool! I’m also traveling all over to find Mickey! I started late and the Red Sox and Royals have both been vandalized and they removed them :(. I need 5 more by Tuesday and I’ll be done!

    It’s true about discovering your surroundings, I’ve lived in CA all my life and I’ve never been to about 75 percent of these places!

    Did you win the tickets?

    • Hollie Eisenman

      Hi Vicki – I am not sure about the Royals, but I know the Red Sox Mickey Statue is now at FanFest with a bandaged arm, so you can still get a picture with him! Good luck to you! YES… I did win the tickets! 🙂

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