Hey Now… You’re an ALL STAR!

In case you don’t know, I LOVE Baseball! More importantly… I LOVE the Anaheim Angels! Yes, I still call them the ANAHEIM Angels, not the “City of Angels Angels of Anaheim.” That’s just weird.

I am VERY excited for MLB ALL STAR WEEK! The 2010 MLB All Star Game and Festivities will be held in Anaheim this year, July 9-13. To celebrate, Major League Baseball and Disney Consumer Products will be spreading thirty-six MLB All Star Mickey Mouse Statues throughout Southern California. All of the statues are expected to be in place by June 11th! Of the 36 statues, there is one for each of the 30 MLB Baseball Teams, 4 All-Star Designs, 1 American League, and 1 National League Mickey. Each one stands 7.5 feet tall and weighs close to 1,000 pounds! You can also purchase your own 7.5 inch collector Mickey Statue…yes, I bought one today!

On June 11th, MLB and Disney Consumer Products will launch a Find Mickey Scavenger Hunt, which will reward people for visiting the different statue locations and being the FIRST to find and tweet a photo. The first person to take a photo in front of all 36 statues AND tweets a link to their photo gallery will win the grand prize… TWO tickets to the MLB All-Star Game on July 13th!! That CHANCE was ALL the motivation I needed!!

This morning at 9AM, I set off to find the OC Mickeys that were out there. Stop #1 – Village at Orange. No Mickey to be found. That’s when I realized that not all of the Mickey’s were out yet! No worries, I knew there were some in the Anaheim Resort District, so off I went!

I was on this adventure solo, so every statue I came across, I had to ask someone to take my picture. The only problem I ran into was the All Star Game Mickey at the Anaheim City Hall. Since it is Saturday, there was not a soul in sight. But, not to worry, I managed to take my own picture.

Mid-way through my hunt, I hit Angels Stadium. This could be my second home. The Angels were out of town today and I knew the Mickey Statue was behind a locked gate but I was determined. I walked into the Official Store and talked with the retail associate, who so kindly walked me into the stadium to take my picture. Awesome! I ended up purchasing an All-Star Game 2010 tank top, which would be better in my pictures going forward, and my All Star Game Mickey Statue.

After 1 Amp Energy Drink, 7.5 hours, 100 miles, and half a tank of gas, I took a picture of 15 statues. I also went to four places where the statues were not up yet – total bummer! All in all, it was a very successful day!!

Will I be the GRAND PRIZE WINNER and win the 2 All Star Game tickets – I hope so! But, for the LOVE of baseball, I would probably take a picture of all of them anyway!

Most of the Mickey Statues that I have left to find are in LA County. Being a Maine girl, this kind of scares me a little. I will most likely have to team up with a friend to find the rest, but for now I’m on a mission! Go Angels!

Below are the All Star Mickey Statues that I photographed today:

  1. All-Star Game Mickey- Anaheim City Hall
  2. All-Star Game Mickey- Anaheim Convention Center
  3. American League Mickey – Hilton Anaheim
  4. National League Mickey – Anaheim Marriott
  5. Minnesota Twins Mickey- Anaheim GardenWalk
  6. Anaheim Angels Mickey- Angel Stadium
  7. Atlanta Braves Mickey- Disney Esplanade
  8. Florida Marlins Mickey- Downtown Disney – ESPN Zone
  9. Oakland Athletics Mickey – Muzeo
  10. San Diego Padres Mickey – South Coast Plaza
  11. Detroit Tigers Mickey – Crown Plaza Anaheim
  12. New York Mets Mickey – Irvine Spectrum Center
  13. Colorado Rockies Mickey – The Market Place
  14. Boston Red Sox Mickey – Discovery Science Center
  15. Arizona Diamondbacks Mickey – The District at Tustin Legacy

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  1. I have one picture so far at The Irvine Spectrum. I saw one that you missed. There is one in Downtown Huntington Beach. I drove by it last night. This might be fun, hmmm…

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