Web 1.0, 2.0… Buckle My Shoe

You may heard the terms Web 1.0 and more frequently, Web 2.0, but not everyone knows what this even means. So, let’s make this a starting point.

WEB 1.0 (1991-2003)
This term refers to the “www” phenomenon. There was a webmaster, website, and internet surfers. It can be compared to a Read-only DVD. There was limited-to-NO user interaction, in terms on content contribution. Companies established an online presence, because everyone needed to have a “www” and we were able to search and read what they wanted us to read. Content was simply a static page.

WEB 2.0 (2004-Present)
Now, we are getting somewhere. Now we have a website, webmaster, internet surfers contributing information, an online social network talking and sharing this information through blogs, social media, wikis and so much more. Web 2.0 represents the cumulative changes or shift of the internet, and that is the stage we are in today. Users can do more then simply retrieve information, they can now control it.

So, what does this do for businesses and advertising? If you are planning a trip to Hawaii, now you can read the good, the bad, and the ugly about the hotel, plane, attraction, the beach, the surf shop, and even your sunscreen.

Today, so many companies are embracing Social Media. They are letting their wall down and inviting users to interact and communicate directly with them. Instead of telling you with an advertisement in the newspaper to come enjoy our hotel, they are asking for your feedback, and communicating with the consumer directly. Web 2.0 is just more personal. Companies are inviting you into their home. Are companies more vulnerable now? Allowing the people to speak and advertise on your company’s behalf – could be a home-run or a face plant at the plate.



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